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List of FD/WS scenes in anime

Started by Serika, June 21, 2007, 06:31:02 PM

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Check out the attachments on this post for the full list.

Update for July 18, 2020. Added Goblin Slayer and Mahoujin Guru Guru.

Rainyday has my written permission to post these lists on

First time viewers, both lists have every episode i know of with peeing in it. The only difference is the long list has detailed descriptions while the short list is spoiler free, giving only the title, episode number, and tags.

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I don't now which episode it is exactly, but in the japanese version of Yu-gi-oh Anzu had to use the bathroom while on the boat to Duelist Kingdom.  (The American version had her moving around because she was cold.)


Cool devices also has peeing / enema scenes in episodes 5 and 6.   ep 5 has a slave girl get an enema then have to crawl to a bucket (while bound) to release it. She doesnt make it to the bucket.  ep 6 has a scene with a girl wetting her panties about 11 minutes in. later she pees outside on command into a pool.


Visionary (Vixens) by U-JIN OVA  vol2
Time  about 19:00 :00 -  21:00:00


Very nice wet pants scene i found  in hentai-movie "Kanzen Mushusei: Sorezore no Houkago"


Just remembered a very brief scene from Yakitate!! Japan!

And When I say brief, I mean, it's similar to the one from Eva.

Anyway, The main character asks his sister to bring him a special ingrediant. She brings it to him by traveling overnight. When she gets to where he is she walks straight away. When he asks where she's going she replies "The toilet. The toilet"


on Crest of the Stars - ep 10 about 6 mins in, theres a good scene about about a girl trying to get they guy to go on ahead and says she'll catch up in a min, him being clueless says they should stick together or they might loss or something, finally she just get s a big blush and says, "Don't you dare look this way!" and runs off into whatever the tall stuff was growing in the field, then he suddenly turns around with a blush, lol


ok ive decided to post the anime videos that i have so far (i know there is  download section but i dont have access to that yet so i had to do it through megaupload)           

ps. the file is about 126.6mb in size

I've just checked and the link works so enjoy.


hmm found some other scenes from a hentai

Shusaku replay episode 2 a girl with brownish/reddish hair is forced to pee outside.

shusaku replay episode 3 a girl with blond hair is forced to drink a wine which is really a diuretic and is forced to pee like a dog.


I think I found a second WS scene in episode 23 of Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni  the character Rina Mamiya gets killed and when her body gets dragged across the screen there is a big dark spot on the crotch of her pants.
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A few scenes from various hentai vids in my collection.  Most of these are untranslated and its been over ten years since I took a Japanese course at University, so I can't really indicate character names or anything.

(Note: My particular fetish is mainly for 'fear wetting', so the scenes I list here are mostly examples of that)

Dark Shell Episode 2: At the 20:17 mark, a teenage girl in some sort of post-apoc setting is terrified when her 'guardian' is knocked unconscious by some hardass military dude. Said nefarious soldier then hoists the schoolgirl into the air and kisses her quite aggressively, his intentions very clear. View pans down to her kicking legs which, after a moment of struggle, go limp and are then soaked with urine as she wets herself in fearful anticipation of whats to come. He laughs and acknowledges her plight with a gruff "Omorashkaaaaa?!"

Daishikkikin Helena Episode 1: At the 15:59 mark, some young elven girl is bound to a wall in a dungeon of some sort, being menaced by two mutant jailers. The threat of rape is imminent as one of them whips out a grossly malformed (albeit pixelated) penis and shows it to her. The other then grabs her one-piece dress and rips it down the middle. She cries piteously, begging for mercy as the view centers on her white panties, which immediately darken and then go yellow as her fear results in loss of bladder control. The pee cascades down her legs, whereupon it is licked up by one of the leering muties.

Heartwork Episode 1: At the 20:00 mark, a teenage schoolgirl watches as two assassins kill her father, some sort of politician/corporate suit. She is then injected with a drug that paralyzes her body and gradually erodes her mind, as well. One of the assassins comments that her mind is still clear for the time being. The other levels his gun at her and her legs fall open. View shifts to her panties, which darken noticeably and a yellowish puddle spreads underneath her.

Oni Tensei Episode 1: During the opening sequence, a young woman is bound and being forcibly tattooed by a demonic tattoo artist. Shortly after he starts the real needlework, he spits a mouthful of sake on her bleeding puncture wounds and she screams in pain and terror. View cuts to a shot of her wetting herself in response, with urine splashing down her inner thighs.

Itazura Episode 1: At the 15:00 mark (or thereabouts) an undercover cop is riding the train trying to catch a serial groper. She complains for several minutes about needing to pee, but doesn't want to lose her lead, so she tries to hold it. Eventually, the groper chooses HER as his target and she is so overcome with desperation that she doesn't want to resist him and risk peeing herself while trying to capture him. So instead, she endures the groping, all the while thinking to herself about her intense desperation. Eventually, she loses it. View shifts to a closeup of her panties which darken, fill, and then practically burst. She is intensely humiliated as she pees all over the floor in front of the commuters and the perv gets away anyhow. This is, by the way, one of the singular best desperation/wetting sequences I have seen in anime anywhere.

That's it for now. I'll go back through my archives and see if I can scrounge up any more for the list. In the event that any of you are aware of 'fear wetting' scenes in any anime, hentai or otherwise, that aren't included in this list, please let me know. I'd love to get my hands on them. :)


In Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny (it's like a second season) in episode 4, "Chance Meeting Between Two Dragons," Hakufu needs to pee around 7:15, and actually says at one point "I'll relieve myself right here" when Koukin refuses to accompany her.  After she actually gets there there are a couple of shots of her squatting over the toilet (no sound though) and then around 8:20, she gets attacked!  Right on the freaking toilet (later, she actually makes a comment about that).  She actually starts fighting with her panties around her ankles.  Needless to say, this is a very funny scene, although not so big on desperation, and it is the first time I've ever seen a girl in anime get attacked while on the toilet.  Definitely worth checking out.


There is a peeing scene in Kisaku the Letch ep 5 but I'm not sure if there's any desperation before hand...


At the end of Dai Mahou Touge episode 7  Pyun and Potaru comically wet themselves in fear when Punie threatens to crucify them.
The scene is at 5:45 of this clip

edit: And here are the links to episodes 8  the event that causes the wetting starts at 7:00

and 4 the scene is at 1:05.
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in ep12 of Full Metal Panic: fumoffu

2 people say they are going to the bathroom after being locked in the classroom for a little while

nothing else is shown.