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List of FD/WS scenes in anime

Started by Serika, June 21, 2007, 06:31:02 PM

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Last Train to Gropesville ep1 aslo has a minor pee scene near the end when the girl teams up with the man and has sex with another woman.


Asu no Yoichi (nice anime that just ended) had a small desperation scene in the first ep.

The girls are waiting for Yoichi to arrive. Kagome is fidgeting and when asked admits she has to pee.

I can't find it on youtube, but there is a stream of the ep here:  Scene starts around the 11 minute mark


The world of Musubi is the ideal world for me. I get to do what I want, and that includes making girls desperate whenever I want.



Aoi Hana episode 1

It's the same scene from the manga that someone posted in the image section a while back


Quote from: shadow on July 10, 2009, 06:11:57 PM
since im suprised no one else has posted this yet the anime Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-Chan!!  has had at least two pee scene an episode and is up to its third episode lets hope it stays this way :)

Just to provide some detail on these scenes:

In episode 1, at the 10:45 mark, Plug is watching a television program in which a heroine is being tortured by some sort of demon. There is a clear view of urine (pain/fear wetting) running down the TV herione's legs as he smacks her a few times.

The second scene in episode 1 occurs at 17:05. Hakone's brother yells at Plug and takes a swing at her with his baseball bat. She immediately shrieks and wets herself in fear. The first shot shows some urine dribbling from under her short skirt as he rears back to swing the bat. She flies back through the air after the impact and the scene cuts again to her crotch/thighs to show that she is still peeing rather copiously.

The second episode had two very quick scenes, both involving the TV heroine. The first involves a fear-wetting as a tentacle grabs her broomstick as she tries to fly off. The other involves a fear/pain wetting while she is suspended on a torture horse. The second scene was exceptionally brief.

The only scene I saw in the third episode was around the 19:30 mark (or thereabouts). One of Plug's Juuden-Chan counterparts gets nailed in the face with a baseball bat and wets herself in a large, expanding puddle when she slumps to the ground unconscious.  I know that Shadow said there were at least 2 wetting scenes per episode, but this was the only one I could find in the third episode. I skimmed it pretty quickly, though, so I definitely could have missed something.


First and foremost, a large amount of credit to shadow for use of his video series. Second, the ones I was unable to find I may occassionally briefly search for them and post it if I manage to find one. And last, I didn't do the hentai ones because I've become extremely paranoid with my computer since I had to reformat(it's annoying) so my apologies if you were hoping they were in here.

Angelic Layer ep22(starts 14:15) -

Asu no Yoichi ep1(about 11:00) -
Just the scene is also in the downloads section I believe.

Blood + ep33(about 3:45) -

Crest of the Stars ep10(6:00) -

Da Capo ep8(3:25) -

Dai Mahou Touge ep4(5:13) -

Dai Mahou Touge ep7(5:45) -

Dai Mahou Touge ep8(7:10)ish -

Desert Punk ep17(1:10) -

Dirty Pair Flash Random Angels ep4 – Currently unable to find.

Dragonball Curse of the Blood Rubies (movie 1)(4:50) -

Dragonball ep1(6:40) -

Elfen Lied ep1(4:50) -

Esper Mami ep17(2:30) -

Esper Mami ep82(2:30) -

Evangelion ep11(6:20) -

Fancy Lala ep19(5:30) -

High School Girls ep2(3:50) -

Higurashi ep21(:40) -

Ichigo Mashimaro ep6(4:40) -

Ikki Tousen ep2(5:43) -

Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny ep4(7:15) -

I"s Pure ep2(3:28) -'s+pure+episode+2#watch%3Dv5509568qNxAr64

Jigoku Sensei (Hell Teacher)(1:23) -

Kage Kara Mamoru ep5(7:25) -

KamenNoMaid(MaidGuy)ep5(4:14) -

Kanon(2006) ep12(2:35) -

Kiki's Delivery Service(26:20) -

Kodomo No Jikan ep7(6:45) -

Lost Universe ep9(about 12:45) -

Macross Frontier ep13(3:27) -

Magic User's Club ep3(start) -

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi ep3(3:30) -

Mahou Sensei Negima ep9(5:25) -

Ojamajo Doremi Naisho ep5(throughout) -

Otoboku (Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru) ep1(3:15) -

Pani Poni Dash ep2(2:30) -

Pani Poni Dash ep10(6:23) -

Petopeto-san ep1(13:30) -

Rockman EXE ep3(8:03) -

Rockman EXE ep20 – Currently unable to find. (I've found it before and there really isn't much to it)

Rurouni Kenshin ep77(10:15) -

Sailor Moon ep68(:50) -

Sailor Moon ep187(5:23) -

Sasami: Maho Shojo Club ep5 – Currently unable to find. (could only find the middle of the episode)

Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro ep2 – Another currently unable to find.

Strange Dawn ep2 - Another not found

Tenchi in Tokyo ep20(5:15) -

The Third - Aoi Hitomi No Shoujo ep 18(4:35) -

Toshokan Sesshou ep2(:35) -

Zettai Karen Children ep12(8:15) -


I'm surprised no one mentioned Saki yet. Episodes 16 and 17 have a scene each, but they both last only a few seconds.

Ep 16, nothing happens after the initial scene at 3:56.

Ep 17, first scene is at 2:20, then continues at 6:35, though Saki herself doesn't reappear until 7:00.

I'm not sure if she actually does get to a bathroom before the start of the 2nd round, but if she didn't, it's not mentioned again so far. I say so far because the manga is actually still on this match, it might end next month(it's monthly), so we'll see if there's anything there. Also, I tried to upload the manga pages to the image gallery, but it gave me some error. "This domain name is not in the white-list allowed to request POST."

One more mention. Juuden-chan ep 4 has the usual 2 scenes. Somewhere in the middle and end, sorry I don't have exact times.

This place has the eps, though they haven't uploaded that ep yet.


I dunno how long that will last, but it's there. Apparently the first OVA was Episode 0, so while this is episode 2, it is the 3rd one.



Quote from: Serika on November 23, 2009, 10:09:42 AM
Shin Koihime Musou, episode 8 is supposed to have wetting. I'll need to check when it's subbed.

it has a fear wetting near the end of the episode. Some girl (dont watch the series but she has curly blond hair) was sleeping then woke up to see a ghost, she ends up in hysterics and wets herself one everyone else enters the room.


One can ind that episode raw here: at 21:13


Quote from: Serika on November 30, 2009, 06:15:18 PM
Sasami Maho Shojo Club Season 2 ep4 - After a night of playing with fireworks the 5 girls have to pee and decide to go to the bathroom together. They mention the bathroom and leave at 18:40, the scene continues at 19:50 when there are only 4 toilets available. Mako is standing outside the broken toilet and begging the other girls to hurry up. She is visibly squirming during this scene, but is soon allowed to use the toilets.

Here's the dub version -


about halfway bachou takes on a bet to drink a huge urn of water and hold it in untill dinner time but after several desperation scenes she cant wait anymore and jumps into the river and goes then.