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List of FD/WS scenes in anime

Started by Serika, June 21, 2007, 06:31:02 PM

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Wooh! i found another one!

Night Shift Nurses - EP5 - One of the nurses is found peeing in a toilet. View from the toilet :P


There's also a desperation scene in one of the later episodes of Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer.  We're talking second or third-to-last episode here, due to how advanced the characterization has gotten by that point.  Tamayo and Kotaro are stuck on an elevator together for hours.  Tamayo hunkers down and starts acting embarassed, and when Kotaro asks what's wrong she admits that she has to pee.  He talks to her to keep her mind off of things, and when they're finally rescued she runs out of the elevator.  Unfortunately all we get from her.  Aww...
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I am cast in the web of an ancient spell
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We live within a dream and never wake"
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I actually think there was another scene in higurashi episode 17 when shion gets her fingernails ripped off, it's not really that good of a scene just thought i'd mention it


Planet ES has several diaper references. Because this sci-fi series takes place in the not so distance future all astronauts are still required to wear diapers. The first time the 2 main characters (Ai Tanabe and Hachimaki) meet Hachimake is walking with only the top part of his space suit on, leaving his diaper exposed. After he bumps in on Ai Tanabe she panics and says something along the line of being sexually harassed. After discussing this with some of her friends they keep referring to Hachimaki as "diaper boy".

Later in the series when they have a fight Ai Tanabe reminds Hachimaki of this event and calls him diaper boy as well. He retaliates stating she wears one too :)
She turns red and acts annoyed afterwards.


New sightings (many of them involve pooping accidents: I posted them since I saw others of this kind described on the main page - feel free to delete the post if they are too offtopic):

Night Shift Nurses ep 4: around 3/4 of the video, the evil doctor tries a giant vibrator on one of the nurses, who, due to the stimulation, can't hold herself and pees all over the floor;

Night Shift Nurses ep 5: around 17:10, one of the nursesis tied to a table, and gets an enema, which makes her poop around 17:19, still all bonded;

Night Shift Nurses ep 6: some enemas over the beginning of the episode (beware, the first one is given between quite a lot of violent sexual action)

Night Shift Nurses ep 7 and on: quite a lot of enemas throughout the series, most of them given by the doctor, who likes to test the "capacity" of her nurses; in ep 8, one of them gives herself a laxative, and masturbates with a vibrator till she poops her pants.


FD scene: The Third - Aoi Hitomi No Shoujo ep 18

Background:  Honoka, the main character, and her "friends" (actually, they are a sort of hunter and an unknown man who hired Honoka in order to let him join her travel) are flying aboard one of the main planes of The Thirds. Honoka had already been warned by her tank's AI to visit the toilet before the beginning of the flight, but she ignores its warning. Now they are flying towards one of The Third's bases, conquered by a dead Third, waiting for the strongest automated foot soldier, Blue Breaker, to join them.      (<-------------- Megaupload rulez. Altough I have a router with dinamic IP and could care less about using Rapidshare,  I just hate that dumb service.                                                                                 Here you are).


ikkitousen GG 6 features ryomou on the toilet ^.^

my fantasy has come true.


in desperate carnal housewives vol2 a woman goes to use a childs rest room in a school but the stalls are all boarded  she tries to pee in a urinal but someone walks in on her and she pees a little down her leg  he then picks her up and bangs her while she urinates the rest out


The second episode of Toshokan Sesshou has Kasahara going to the bathroom in the woods. It doesn't specify what she's doing, but she does have some amusing comments on it.


Quote from: Merchant_Of_Death on October 13, 2008, 01:09:17 PM
Anyone know what that screenshot someone just posted in the image place is from?

Zettai Karen Children.

It's episode 12, you can watch it here-

Roughly 8 minutes in, very short scene with the usual fade away to not having to go anymore.


I think the scene your thinking of is Gunban Kaleidoscope ep 2. I wasn't sure wheather or not to post it cuz it was a poop scene.
anyways here link...

ghost sherlock

...not sure if i should post this here or somewhere else, but check this out.      if anyone knows where i can watch the series, please let me know.

this may be off topic but here are some other clips from this anime:

(read the full description before watching)
(violence + randomness = a happy me)


There's a wetting scene in Shadow Star ep 7. It' a pain wetting. Happens around the 18: 30 mark. Pretty meh....


Desert Punk episode 17-A guy in a machine-like costume is using body tempature to try to kill this group of people so one of the guys decides to cover himself in mud but they are in the desert so a girl of the group is quickly shown peeing from waist up but it can be heard and afterwards a guy from the group is holding the bag of pee to his face which is where it is visible.