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List and discussion of japanese doujin FD/WS games

Started by Lisk, September 23, 2011, 03:28:02 PM

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Because it had to be done.

What is this?
This is the place to discuss FD/WS games made by single developers or small teams. You can find the links to the games themselves, troubleshooting FAQs and latest news related to this topic here.

How is this any different from the other games thread?
The other thread started slowly, but eventually became hard to navigate. Since that thread had no summary in the first post(s), people started to ask the same questions again and again, which, in turn, increased the entropy even more. So I'll try to keep this thing in check.

These games, where do I get them?
File storages:
Getuploader one: (may require japanese proxy depending on your ISP)
Getuploader 2: (may require japanese proxy depending on your ISP)
Getuploader 3: (may require japanese proxy depending on your ISP)
ShikkinGames Getuploader: (may require japanese proxy depending on your ISP)
Developer's sites:
Shikkin School walkthrough/discussion:
Akvabit labo:
Developer's message board:
New wiki:

I can't run these games! What should I do?
First, you need to set your system locale for non-unicode programs to japanese. A Windows user can do so from the Control Panel => Region and Language menu. If you're running an english language OS, it will have minimal impact (slashes will show up as yen symbols in filenames), so you might as well keep it. You can also use Microsoft Applocale to emulate japanese locale, but in few rare occasions it fails to work as it should. Oh well, that's Microsoft for you.

Second, you will need an RTP (runtime package), otherwise the game will crash with a "missing file" error message. RTP contains the common data for all RPG maker games that share the same engine. Naturally, they are free to distribute.
- If the game is made with RPG Maker 2000 (the executive file is called RPG_RT.exe, the icon has a hero holding a sword): download and install this file or the same file from different mirror.
- If the game is made with RPG Maker XP or VX (the executive file is called game.exe; XP is orange gear, VX is the chess piece):
- The games made with other game engines (KiriKiri, nScript, Wolf RPG editor) require no RTPs.

If you experience further problems with running these games, please attach the screenshot of the error message the game is giving you. We can't help you if you don't provide enough information.

I wish to understand what's going on, but I don't know any japanese. What should I do?
You can use the machine translations to grasp the general situation. You can use this helpful tool to aggregate multiple translation engines, such as google translate, babelfish, honyaku and others, in a single window. It is also actively supported and user-friendly, so it's probably your best friend.

You mean I'm stuck with machine translations? Is there any way to change that?
Yes. This is the main reason why this thread exists. We have some translation projects and interface translations, both finished and ongoing, as well as walkthrough summaries and advices. And by "we" I mean you as well. If you encounter any bugs, mistranslations, grammar or spelling errors during your play, please report them here or send a PM.


MojiQue Demo
Gentlemen. MojiQue.

Produced by: Aoi Kurage
Game engine: RPG maker XP
Download MojiQue Demo

Wetters Story
This is the story of Chiffon, a timid student of the Wetters school of magic. The fate was harsh on her, but still, she was enjoying her peaceful life, until the day when monsters attacked her school. This is an old-school RPG from 16bit era with an omorashi twist to it. You will encounter bed wettings, fear wettings, desperation wettings with special events when our heroines are trying to make it in time, and even the magical wettings. Besides, the plot is surprisingly good for a fetish game.

Produced by: 666-san
Game engine: RPG Maker VX
Download Wetters Taiken - updated 130708

There Will Come Soft Rains
Spiritual successor of Wetters Story made by a different author. This is another story of a girl attending to the school of magic, more plot-driven than character-driven Wetters Story. Together with our spellsword heroine Milly we will get familiar with the school, make friends, go on assignments and eventually find out that there is more to everything than meets the eye...

Produced by: 288-san
Game engine: RPG Maker VX
Download HareAme

Mysterious School and Two Girls
Mai, a young TV announcer, wakes up in the middle of a classroom. She has no memories of where is it or how she got here. Besides, she has little time to ponder on this,
as a she is assaulted by a strong urge to pee. She can already feel a little warmth on her underwear. There is not much time left. This is a quest game. All you have to do is to unveil the mysteries of the school and, of course, relieve your bladder. There are no enemies to fight with... right?

Produced by: 34-san
Game engine: RPG Maker XP
Download Fushigina Gakkou to Futari no Shoujo - updated 130719

F for the Fantasy
Final Fantasy IV parody where almost every plot-important character is a young girl. Need I say more? Lots of bedwetting scenes, some desperation and some fear wettings too. Also, a lot of Final Fantasy references. The final version is finally uploaded, but it might have some grammar/spelling mistakes, as I barely had the time to test it. If you encounter these mistakes and/or programming glitches, please PM me or report them here. Note that you must run this game under Japanese locale or use some locale emulator software, otherwise it will crash due to the way RMXP handles file names.

Produced by: 118-san
Game engine: RPG Maker XP
Download F for the Fantasy

Nightmare Drop
Nightmare, also known as succubus. A creature that comes to people's dreams. They cause people to see lewd dreams or nightmares... Or, sometimes, dreams that bring them new hope.
This is the story of a certain person. A girl, who trains to become the best mare there ever was. She's about to accept the rite of passage that would grant her the title of Nightmare. But it won't be an easy task...

This is a non-linear quest game with multiple endings. It was made by 118-san, the same person who made F for the Fantasy (as well as some other games) and many characters make cameo appearances along with the new heroines.

Produced by: 118-san
Game engine: RPG Maker XP
Download Nightmare Drop

One Week with Elder Sister
The morning dawned, the girl woke.
The familiar cold wetness, the harbinger of the girl's sister's teasing.
The last week of summer vacation, the devious plan to turn the tables.

This is a slice-of-life game that tells us the story of Arisa, a girl who keeps wetting her bed despite her age, her older sister Nanami, who makes fun of her because of her habit, and their family. One morning Arisa thinks that enough is enough and it's about time when her sister learned what it means to be a bedwetter the hard way. But what would be the outcome of her plans? This game is a non-linear adventure. Just like in Nightmare Drop, there won't be any combat. Instead, this story focuses on characters. It has 16 normal endings and a special ending, so if you're into bedwetting, diapers and multiple cultural references, you won't get bored for a while.

Produced by: 118-san
Game engine: RPG Maker XP
Download One Week with Elder Sister

Angel's World Map
The forces of Hami-tan the High Priestess have taken the castle of Moonguard by storm, cursing it with her evil magic to make everyone wet their beds save princess Reika, who mysteriously disappeared. Only one soldier was able to escape and make her way to the castle of Lorant. She told the queen her tale before having an accident. Now the queen's daughter Ayumi must go forth and strike down Hami-tan before her curse spreads all over the world. But this is not a journey that one can complete alone. She will need the help of companions on this quest. So she sets off to find her friend Naoko, the princess of Saltomaria...

This is the first game that 118-san ever made. The system is far less advanced than in other games and, unlike them, this one revolves mostly about bedwetting with some bits of desperation and fear wetting systems in their very early stages of development. Still this game is fun, it establishes personalities of 118-san's recurring characters, so if you liked his other games, you should definitely try this one.

Produced by: 118-san
Game engine: RPG Maker XP
Download Angel's World Map

Kunekune Fairy Light
This game is actually a bunch of short interactive stories made by Terura-san (you can find the link to Terura's blog in the first post of this thread). You take the role of a fairy that subtly manipulates the minds of the girls to help them avoid the embarrassment of having an accident. Terura-san is mostly the storywriter, so you won't find any elaborate graphic pictures. Think of it as of reading a story.

Produced by: Terura
Game engine: RPG Maker 2000
Download Kunekune Fairy Light

Poor Girls
Another short and simple game where you control two girls and lead them into various embarrassing situation. No real plot, but the sketches are cute and the game is fun to mess around. It was made by Rotten-san, taken down and now it's reuploaded by me. Updated: added Spoilers.txt file (walkthrough/guide).

Produced by: Rotten
Game engine: RPG maker VX
Download Poor Girls

Mizugokoro Refrain
The remake of YAMATO's game from win95 era. This is a short visual novel where you take the role of a mischievous guy who won a bet against his little cousin and now she must do whatever he asks. Since this game uses ONScripter engine, it can be ported to Linux (both 32bit and 64bit) and Mac OS X, but you will have to do it yourself by using the guides on Uncle Mion's site.

Produced by: Himeshibori
Game engine: ONScripter
Download Mizugokoro Refrain

Mizutamari Refrain
Another game made by YAMATO. This time you're a student who gets stuck in the elevator with two schoolgirls. I think you've already guessed what happens next. There are three routes in this game, you must finish the first two to unlock the third.

Produced by: Himeshibori
Game engine: ONScripter
Download Mizutamari Refrain

Shikkin Adventure
A non-linear visual novel about a guy who gets on a date with a girl and tries to make her desperate and force her to wet herself. Probably one of the first FD/WS games most of us played, Arabes-san started to make it more than six years ago, so it's time to give it a new life. Special thanks to Rainyday for helping me with the script.

Produced by: Arabes-san
Game engine: KiriKiri
Download Shikkin Adventure

Shikkin PLUS
An old-school dating sim that continues the story of ShikkinAdventure and Shikkin 128. You have to plan your daily activities to raise your stats, earn money to buy gifts and increase affection of Ayumi, Haruka and minor characters. And when you raise stats and affection enough...

Produced by: Arabes-san
Game engine: KiriKiri
Download Shikkin PLUS

We have a lot of games about girls holding their bladders, so here's a game about girls who hold their breath for a change of pace! While this game has only two desperation scenes and you can only unlock the pictures for then on your second playthrough, but it's made by Aoi Kurage, the author of Tokonatsu!Hamuko-chan manga. He's making a desperation and wetting game about Hamuko now, so here's a little something to get familiar with the things to come.

Produced by: Aoi Kurage
Game engine: RPG maker XP
Download Sokoumi

30 minutes at the limit
This game tells the story of Rika Hayami's days at the grade school when she was too shy to ask the teacher for a bathroom break and had to hold it in through the class and more. A free game from Circle WC translated with greatly appreciated help from Rainyday who did the image editing job.

Produced by: Circle WC
Game engine: Wolf RPG Editor
Download 30 minutes at the limit - updated 130801

The selfish magician needs to go pee!
One day a pretty young conjurer named Karen took a trip to the castle. Her envoy was her childhood friend Yuuto, now a soldier. However, during the walk she needed a privacy break. "Just pee in the road. That's the way of the traveler." - "I won't make toilet OUTSIDE, yuck!" (Description shamelessly stolen from game's DLsite page This is an RPG game that utilizes custom card battle system instead of normal combat system that Wolf RPG Editor offers out of the box. The plot is not linear; depending on how good Karen is at holding it in and meeting additional requirements, you might get into one of the branching routes and even unlock extra scenes! Remember, this was originally a commercial project, so even though CircleWC wasn't aiming at western market, consider buying this game if you liked it!

Produced by: Circle WC
Game engine: Wolf RPG Editor
Download Wagamamama

Nyo Time
Waking up early in the morning, having a breakfast, going to the school, spending time with friends and coming back home. The happy and peaceful life that repeats itself over and over again. But how real it is? Everything has to end someday. For better or worse, but it has to. I, Hashida Naoya, an ordinary high school student, was caught in a day that refuses to let me go or move forward. Now I'm working with a time-travelling witch girl to break free from this golden cage. She has almost everything ready, but there is one last ingredient for her magic that I must obtain by myself.

What could it be in this kind of a game? This is a quest/adventure kind of game, there won't be any combat and the game itself is pretty short. Kirika-san estimated the game length to be around one to two hours, and it's quite accurate, depending on how exploring you feel. There are two endings and two ways of getting them, as well as a secret scene that leads to game over and a regular one. The game relies mostly on common resources, but it has a great story, probably the most touching one I've seen in these games. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Produced by: Kirika
Game engine: Wolf RPG Editor
Download Nyo Time

Omo SisterS
A mysterious voice in the middle of nowhere... What is it talking about... Why does it sound so important...? I can't remember...

Hm? Oh, nevermind. This is another game made by creator of Nyo Time, Kirika-san, and it's another plot-driven story about brother-sister relationships.
Except now there's two little sisters! Do what any good big brother character in this kind of game would do: pick one of them, take her on a date and make her wet herself!
You can also play this game like a normal date sim - this would probably be the best decision for your first playthrough!
So download it - it doesn't even need RTPs, just set your system locale to Japanese - ignore minor inconsistencies and enjoy the happy world of desperate imoutos!

...Or muster the courage to see things for what they really are.

Produced by: Kirika
Game engine: Wolf RPG Editor
Download Omo SisterS

Princess Prison
There is little information to provide. You wake up and find yourself in an unfamiliar room and unfamiliar body. Now you have to escape from that room as fast as you can, because this new body of yours puts you on a time limit!

This is a tiny, tiny room escape game, the first game of the Princess Prison series that serves as a sort of prologue. And it's tiny. No, seriously, stop reading and play it, it won't take more than a couple of minutes tries.

Produced by: Satsuki Shiryuu
Game engine: Wolf RPG Editor
Download Princess Prison


Current project: ^_^ =^.^=

MojiQue demo interface patch only (extract to Graphics/Pictures folder)

Also, magical numbers for easier text extraction:
/HBN*0@454C6C 2,344KB : v1.31
/HBN*0@46BA03 2,700KB : v2.01
/HBN*0@470CEA 3,020KB : v2.02
/HBN*0@470D5A 3,020KB : v2.02a

Livemaker magical numbers (I need them because reasons):

Love&Piss ITH sorcery: 766E07B0


My translation of Shikkin128 (available through one of the links above). Just place patch.xp3 in the game folder. Most in-game text is translated, the hints in the 'progression' screen are not.


I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question, but probably others are having the same problem as me regarding FantasyF.

When I start the game with standard uni-code settings (english for me) i can open the game, but it crashes as soon as it is needed to load a picture. However, when i change uni-code settings to japanese the game just doesn't run at all. I'm a little bit confused... If someone could help i would appreciate it very much.

Thanks in advance,



I downloaded mysterious school and two girls, then it required a dll. I got the dll, but still doesnt work because it's not "something"


Quote from: knuclear200x on October 01, 2011, 11:13:05 PM
I downloaded mysterious school and two girls, then it required a dll. I got the dll, but still doesnt work because it's not "something"
Can you post the screenshot of the error message?
Quote from: Jota on October 01, 2011, 05:45:28 PM
When I start the game with standard uni-code settings (english for me) i can open the game, but it crashes as soon as it is needed to load a picture. However, when i change uni-code settings to japanese the game just doesn't run at all.
Does it say something or simply refuses to run? Do you see the game process in the task manager?


Well, it simply refuses to run, no process in the task manager screen. But there is more. When i try to run the game.exe with AppLocale, AppLocale can't detect FantasyF language and the game doens't run even when i select japanese manually (simply refuses to run again, no process). With other games, like Shikkin128, AppLocale detects japanese language just fine...

I'm suspecting that the problem is related with my version of Windows7, but I'm not sure yet...



Quote from: knuclear200x on October 01, 2011, 11:13:05 PM
I downloaded mysterious school and two girls, then it required a dll. I got the dll, but still doesnt work because it's not "something"
That one requires RPG Maker XP or the RTP. Did you download and install that yet?


Hmm, one more clue. When I open Fantasy F project with RPG Maker XP, in the places where i should see japanese font i see only ??... This should be related to the problem opening the game...



Quote from: Jota on October 03, 2011, 01:56:52 PM
Hmm, one more clue. When I open Fantasy F project with RPG Maker XP, in the places where i should see japanese font i see only ??... This should be related to the problem opening the game...
No, that's not the case. The worst case you can get is not being able to see any characters at all. Did you try running it under japanese non-unicode locale settings? I'm trying to reproduce your error under worst conditions possible, but it's running smoothly for me.


The problem must be related to the incapacity of rpg maker xp and the rtp being unable to read japanese characters in my pc... They appear as "?" signs, and therefore, the game can't load the images. To test the theory, I translated the name of a few pictures both in the file where they are stored and in the game code... It worked and i played for a while till the game had to run non-translated items again.



thx for the next version of Fantasy F Lisk! :clap:

BTW, I was confused to choose which party I'll take to the moon. lol  :death:


Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for enlightenment that literally means "understanding". In the Zen Buddhist tradition, satori refers to a flash of sudden awareness, or individual enlightenment, and is considered a "first step" or embarkation toward nirvana. Satori is sometimes loosely used interchangeably with kensho, but kensho refers to the first perception of the Buddha-Nature or True-Nature, sometimes referred to as "awakening." Distinct from kensho, which is not a permanent realization but a clear glimpse of the true nature of existence, satori is used to refer to a "deep" or lasting realization of the nature of existence.

Now tell me, why the hell did I learn this (and some other things related to japanese culture and religion) from a fetish game? Well, it's not like I'm complaining or something, that was actually quite interesting. I think I should add some noted for all the references I've found, but I'll do that later. For now, enjoy the game and stay genki.


I'm so sad i can't play Fantasy F after a good translation of yours... I still don't know why the game doesn't run when i change unicode settings to japanese... and in english unicode settings crashes when it is needed to load a picture... so frustrating... I guess i will have to borrow someone's pc to play it  :S