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List and discussion of japanese doujin FD/WS games

Started by Lisk, September 23, 2011, 03:28:02 PM

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Remember: first you change the locale to japanese, then you extract the archive and start the game.


Switched to another computer and all is fine now!  :clap: :clap:

I guess i will never understand what as going on with mine... Thanks for all your patience Lisk... Someday you'll become a saint  :D



Looks like 266-san had finally finished Hareame. I can't tell you how happy I am. There are few bugs, though. so I don't think that it's a final version, but still, it is a great day for all of us. So go play the game, especially now that we have an update with some bug fixes and the author is active again. So here's ver 5.2

Mydnyght Edgeworth

Quote from: Lisk on October 31, 2011, 03:23:28 PM
Looks like 266-san had finally finished Hareame. I can't tell you how happy I am. There are few bugs, though. so I don't think that it's a final version, but still, it is a great day for all of us. So go play the game, especially now that we have an update with some bug fixes and the author is active again. So here's ver 5.1

I've been giving that game a try. Seems pretty straightforward... and poor girls when they're bursting! It's amusing to see what happens when you bring the girls back to the school (I GUESS it's a school of sorts) when at least one of them is about to lose it.

Anyway what I'm about to say might seem like a spoiler, so you gotta highlight the purple box to read it. This may sound like a complaint... maybe it is, but here we go:
[ooc]Okay, so after I take this rock from the mountain to the this girl with glasses, it seems I have to explore the southern cave. Now, the girls (I have 3 at this point) end up having to pee FAST and OFTEN. I kept spamming that one out-of-battle skill that lets the girls pee, since wet pants seemed to wreck a girl's attack power. I wonder if this really is supposed to happen? Are their bladders really supposed to fill up that fast?

Oh yeah, and there's this tower past the cave. How do you go farther up it?

This loli is not wearing any pants.
That renders your argument invalid.


Haremae does seem to be an improvement from wetters talken for instance, some of the desperation scenes in the chool has two people at a time. (the first school where you start have the first two characters desperate and you should get it occasionally). But im also getting really annoyed with the same thing thats plaguing midnight exept it only seems to keep happening to my fourth character, (its happened to all my characters before and its really annoying but it seems to go away after i finish a mission, exept for the maid character).
Also is anyone at the battle arena part yet? im kind of stuck at the moment there i have the feeling that i just need to grind at that part so that i can finish it quickely.


Basically, the school uses four generators that produce magical energy, but they make people need to pee much more often that they should. You saw that happen in the opening sequence. To counter that, they wear special necklaces. The thing is, necklaces have only 3 charges, and each time a girl pees outside of the bathroom, her necklace loses one charge. You've probably ran out of charges, so go to the nurse's office and recharge them (bottom option).

As for the arena tournament, if you're talking about the last battle, grinding won't help you. You have to use desperation guard. When your character is in red condition, there's a chance that she will wet herself next turn, and this chance increases with each passing turn. But if you choose "guard", that counter will be reset. So switch between attacking and defending, and you'll beat her in no time.

Meanwhile, version 5.2 is up with more bug fixes. If that's the last one, I might start working on this thing, but it's going to be a looong way to go. This game is huge.


Hm ive selected the bottom option alot of times and i still get a weaker bladder.

Thanks for the arena tip though.

YES it is the necklace although the maid doesnt have one (i hope i havent sold it)

Ah just found out that the maid needs to keep her initial weapons or she'll get desperate quickley.


By the way, Angie has a good taste when it comes to weapons. Imagine a maid with omorashi fetish holding THIS.


Also, if I recall correctly there are two different types of necklace. The name of the ones that counteract the effect of the water crystals should start with flame (炎), while the ones that start with water (水) in its name accelerates that effect.

edit: in addition, the flame necklaces seem to be 'personalized' to each character. I don't remember that from version 4.0, although I might just not have paid much attention.


Can someone post a walkthrough for ShikkinAdventure or at least translate into english the list of actions in the game like for that game with the schoolgirl on train.


Just wondering if we will ever see a translation or Hareame, I am almost willing to pay for that!


Maybe. Probably. I've actually started working on it, but it's not the time to make promises. Maybe you'll learn the moon language faster than we translate it. Seriously, looking at this database makes me feel like I'm a loli looking at onii-chan's fully erect penis and not knowing what to do with it. Anyway don't lose hope. I don't want to promise anything because promising something basically equals to completing something. At least that's how I roll. So stay tuna'd! I guess...


Just a stupid comment here; pay no real attention to it.


Quote from: Liska loli looking at onii-chan's fully erect penis

Somehow, I like the idea of a newhalf/dickgirl loli looking at her onee-chan's girlhood and getting scared that her own penis is hard.   :lol:

Back on topic:

I wish I could read moonspeak. Then again, with what Serika tells me, a lot of the H-games and doujins I'd want to read have nothing to do with what I'd be into. xD

Welp... I'm fucked...


If anyone has any understanding of running Shikkin128, I am encountering a problem. I launch the game by click on the fish icon with the .exe, but I recieve an error. It is a serious of questions marks followed by "(syntax error,unexpected T_SYMBOL , expecting ")")
Also,  A blue screen opens with code. Anyone know my issues?


That usually means your Windows system locale isn't set to Japanese. The steps to change it are different in every Windows version, but in Vista it's control panel > regional and language options > administrative tab > change system locale.