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Does anybody remember...

Started by MasterShake, December 10, 2007, 05:17:38 PM

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a poster who went by the name "oyaji" back in the late '90's on the WetSet forums?  He did quite a few drawings that I saved, but over the years, I have lost some of them, and I have never seen them reposted in a long time.  Here is an example of his work:

If anyone has the rest of his drawings, I would love to have them again! 


Yeah, I remember how Lumito's went down right after those were posted, but there were still a LOT of them that never showed up there.

Freak on a Leash

can remember him, (don'T tell anyone i wasn't permitted to see thos that time :S)
Loved them on Lumito, was one of the first encounters with wetting drawings for me.



Close...  I posted all the one I have in the download section:

These are the originals; the examples I posted earlier consist of multiple drawings joined together / slightly modded to better suit my personal tastes :-P


yeah ive seen his pics on various sites, they are pretty good
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