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What will you do?

Started by Neil, September 14, 2007, 12:08:05 AM

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Have anyone ever tried asking a girl to wet herself in real life?

so far, I haven't encountered any wetting accidents. (poor luck).
I could ask a girl to wet herself by rewarding her with money or anything else, but I haven't tried it yet.

The world of Musubi is the ideal world for me. I get to do what I want, and that includes making girls desperate whenever I want.


Hmmm, I'm jealous.

Best I got is going in to wake my ex up for work one day. When I threw the covers off her, there was a nice dark stain on the sky blue sheets. I never told her how much it turned me on ><.

I talked her into peeing outside once and may have been able to talk her into messing herself once, but wussed out in that situation. I'm such a sissy.

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for me my ex had to goto the bathroom once (now she was actuelly good at holding it), but i was ontop of her snd i wouldnt let her go so she said well thats ok i can hold it so we kept on messing around and im prodding her bladder every so often and i can see the look of pain on her face accompnied with the occasional whimper so its been about 2 hrs since she initally said that she needed to go but im still like, no you cant. If i recall correctly i asked her how long she could hold it for and she said for about another hour or so, so i said ok then and kept on tickling her and pressing her bladder untill an hour passes, so she beggs now to be let go but i still wait but then i hear her mother running a bath and she said look let me go now because someone is about to take a bath and i cant wait untill she finishes. I decided to let her go now and eventually she got her revenge on me too so that the score was even, but ever since that day she always knew that i would try to stop her from peeing but she never said anything to me directly about my fetish.


Wish I had to the guts to, but I guess I'll never say anything:P
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Well as a girl I like the whole idea, but my boyfriend is a shy one, so I don't think he would be in...  :(
But I wish to like to try it once...
You are lucky to have/had someone to do with  :tongue_smilie:


I think the key is to let your S/O know that you are simply being honest about your sexual turn-ons. I don't necesarily expect them to feel the same way, but I'm not willing to hide such a basic part of myself from an intimate partner.  If they can't accept me for who I am, it's time to move on.


I've asked several of the girls I've dated to pee for me.  Most of them have, but when i told one she was like "thats nice, now we are never going to mention that again."
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lesse... I'm not going to use names, so make some up.  F was the first one who peed for me. we hung out drinking soda and watching movies until she said we better move to the bathroom. She tried to hold on but wasn't able to and soaked her pants in the bathroom. She was pretty cool about the whole thing but i don't think she was really into it.

  K and I never really dated but we fooled around a few times. She thought it was funny, and was willing to try it.  When we went to the bathroom, she got nervous and couldn't go! First she tried sitting on the toilet, and that didnt work. then standing in the tub. still no luck. so she takes of her pants, and gets down on her hands and knees in her underwear and she STILL cant go. so i started to rub her shoulders and back trying to get her to relax. she said she had to go so bad it hurt. Finally she was able to get started and she completely soaked her panties.  She said it felt REALLY good to go  :clap:

M was the most fun. she tried to get to the toilet! I had to sit on it to prevent her from using it. Then she started trying to pull her pants down so i had to get up and stop her. Finally i pushed her into the tub and tickled her until she doubled over and soaked her jeans while she called me a jerk and told me I was cleaning it all up :lol:  (I should note that M agreed to peeing for me before hand).

By and large the "sit at home and have a movie marathon until someone gets desperate" has worked very well for me :)
If we shadows have offended, think but this and all is mended.
That we have but slumbered here, whilst these visions did appear.


Wow, I dont really have the guts to ask a girl to pee for me because I don't like getting hit.


while ive never asked a girl to wet herself, i have contrived situations where wetting occurs, thats it though
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Most girls in Germany actually do tolerate many of those weird what I did was asking every girlfriend I had in the past if she is turned on by such things....but until now Ihad no luck....most of them just couldn`t understand my fetish and both of us never mentioned it again, since it was really emberresing to me revealing my strange vices....however I think a number of girls will pee themselves to do you a favour and to turn you on.....but truth be told I think this number is pretty small I guess ( I had this luck just once, but it seemed so emberrasing for her I felt to sorry to ask her again)