Author Topic: The news article discussion topic  (Read 21496 times)

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Re: The news article discussion topic
« Reply #60 on: June 08, 2020, 03:00:28 PM »

This is getting old. Now Elmer Fudd can't go "wabbit" hunting with a gun but a scythe is perfectly okay?! And we can't have our "rootin' tootin' shootin'" firebrand with his trademark pistols anymore?!

Fuck this world, I swear.

Well... I'm fucked...

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Re: The news article discussion topic
« Reply #61 on: June 09, 2020, 01:39:42 PM »

It's gonna be bland, flavorless, corporate approved drivel for sure.

John Kricfalusi, the creator of Ren and Stimpy, has some good rants on the decay of American cartoons. In the director's commentary track of the Ren and Stimpy DVDs he explains that the story of any given cartoon used to be up to the cartoonist himself. The boss of the company was only interested in finished products, so the cartoonist could draw whatever he wanted and as long as it didn't have DICKS in it the boss would usually buy it from him and put it on TV. That's why cartoons from the first half of the 20th century had such extreme violence.

Time passed, and these small animation companies became large corporations with big studios, lots of employees, and worst of all, stockholders. The CEO then had to make sure his cartoons wouldn't offend advertisers who buy commercial slots. Knowing how filthy and crazy most animators were, these companies moved the job of story writing away from the animators to other people. People who used to just wing it and draw their own stuff were then told exactly what to draw, and were not allowed to draw anything else. This was the late 20th century.

Now, in the early 21st century, these big television monopolies have entire departments devoted to public relations and political correctness. Computers do all the animation, everything is reviewed for possible offensive content, and the end result is crap. Big business killed the cartoon.

Don't get me wrong. The racist cartoons were dumb and i'm glad those were boxed up and left in the vault. I just want sex and violence. That's the main reason I drifted away from western cartoons and started watching anime as a teenager.
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