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Haiku Challenge!

Started by anathema, November 22, 2009, 02:50:18 PM

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we all love haiku
watersports haku are rare
post all you can here

She did not make it
and soaked her brand new panties
on the bus ride home
If we shadows have offended, think but this and all is mended.
That we have but slumbered here, whilst these visions did appear.


Can't find a bathroom
Her bladder will not hold on
Now she starts to leak

On the internet you're only as smrt as your spell checker.


A yellow rain falls
Her face becomes flushed with love
her panties are wet

I'm sorry, she said
couldn't hold it to rest stop
Ruined my car seat

If we shadows have offended, think but this and all is mended.
That we have but slumbered here, whilst these visions did appear.


The girl can't hold on
It starts to drip down her thigh
Her jeans are all wet

She squirms and fidgets
Her panties start to glisten
A puddle is formed


Girl In a Classroom
Feels a pang from her Bladder
Raises her left Arm

Asks For A Bathroom
Teacher Denies Her Access
Girl Begins To Shake

After A Short While
Girl Can't Hold On Any More
Girl's panties are soaked.

:) I decided to write a series of 3 :D


Afraid of moving
Already losing control
Dreading the relief

Beyond the threshold
Panties are wet, legs dripping
Finally, carthasis

Best I could come up with on the spot...

All the crazy monkeys
are playing a game that will never end,
caught up in a never-ending "Banana Roulette."


In the public pool,
girl in a small, red two-piece,
large, warm, yellow cloud.


Haiku is way more fun than it has any right to be. Here goes!

Gone for a long walk,
With quivering legs she'll trudge
Until sweet release.

After some rainfall
Many clear puddles, one gold.
Who's gonna notice?

Too long on the road,
Your passenger seat is damp.
Don't yell! I warned you!

The garden is dry.
Yet rain falls on thirsty earth
From under my skirt.


A girl wets herself
God damn, these jeans are ruined
I must buy more pairs.


Can someone tell me what haiku is???


Quote from: Ferno on December 17, 2009, 11:08:12 PM
Can someone tell me what haiku is???

To be honest, I couldn't remember exactly but i worked it out from the other messages people had posted.

Its a poem, with the first line consisting of 5 syllables, the second line consisting of 7 and the last line consisting of 5 again.

Hope that helped.


still cant get it. but thanks for trying to help......


A Haiku is a poem, essentially;  you have three lines, each with their own amount of syllables.

The first line has 5, the second line has 7, and the last line has five.

An easy example: 

One, Two, Three, Four, Five
The Num-bers I can count on
To Calm My-Self Down.

(that haiku of mine won an honorable mention, btw  :P )

Of course, these haiku are not true haiku;  those follow a rhyming scheme that is next to impossible to do outside of Japanese.

Welp... I'm fucked...


Aaah, i get it.
thanks for telling me....


Haikus were originally about nature but... that kind of changed ;P