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Female Desperation: What is it?

Started by FallenStar, June 21, 2007, 07:38:41 PM

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I still don't really get why it's so nice for me, but it is. =D
But it does make sense for the women with the pressure.

edit: Stop... grammar time!


I'd say it's not about control, per se, although that can add to it, but rather that it's absolute taboo stemming from childhood. Wetting yourself is one of the carnal sins in the eyes of a parent when you're a kid, and since it was a bad thing then it translates into the taboo factor later in life. What's most wrong is most right... at least that's how I have always seen it.


Indeed, the What is It bit is not really discussable :blush:
I think the arousing bit comes partially from, indeed, the taboo, but also just because it all happens in the private parts of a woman (which somehow seem to attract men).
As for me personally, I don't really like the forced bit, for moral reasons. (You can of course say that the female in question is ok with it, but then it's not forced, more like peeing on purpose). Seeing a girl hopping around, waiting and watching, hoping for that little (big :clap:) wet patch... lovely!


i mainly love the embarassment the girl gets from wetting herself. plus fantasizing about getting those clothes from her and trying them on to have her pee on u is really nice :drool:


Mmmmm. It was interesting to read all of your ideas.

I'm female myself and I just enjoy desperation in general. Female or male. I also don't mind whether this ends in a wetting or not, but I don't like... Public humiliation.

I'm not sure why I like it, but I certainly do not find the need to urinate myself arousing at all. I can imagine it maybe having something to do with the location of the bladder and the vagina etc.


The desperation is cool and all, but i more prefer the fact that the girl is wet afterwords. I always took my ex 4wheeling and purposfully hit as many puddles as possible jus to soak her lol. id always have a change of clothes for her and such, but i enjoy the fast that she is soaked and holding onto me as to not fall off teh 4wheeler (also it was not forced, as she always asked me to take her 4wheeling).


Female desperation is kind of self-expalanatory as long as you know that it has something to with having to pee (and not that she is thirsty or horny). I like watching movies or photos which real-life female desperation, and if wetting is involved I prefer that the woman pees herself because she doesn't have a choice. In other words, I like "accidents" and deliberate wettings, as someone else posted above.

I am turned on by all sorts of female desperation as long as it follows the above rules. I like to see women with full, bulging bladders, or women with wet pants. I also like to see pantless women who are peeing a full stream onto the floor.

I like to make myself desperate to pee, but then that wouldn't be female desperation, would it?

I am fascinated by the differences between men and women when it comes to full bladders. You might be thinking, "well, duh of course there's a difference...the plumbing is different," but what I really mean is that when a woman pees she must push to get started while men relax to get started. Pretty big difference, huh? So, when a woman is holding, she is resisting that urge to "push," and when men are holding they resist that urge to relax, or in other words they clench up. I am also interested in the difference that penis makes. Well, think about just seems like there is farther for the pee to travel in a man than in a woman, and so there are more chances to clench tight and hold it back so one doesn't pee themselves.

Does this mean that a man can hold his bladder better than a woman can? The evidence seems to indicate yes, but then I've read about a lot of women who can hold their full bladder far longer than I can.



I wonder what a girl would say if you asked her if she was going to wet herself.... *SMACK*


@firrat: Honestly if I knew someone or not if I was -that- desperate to go to the bathroom and it was obviouse I'd probably answer honestly and either say "Yes" or "No".

I -really- love being desperate.  There's just something about feeling that pressure down there or feeling myself have a little accident and leak in my panties.  My real fetish is wetting things though.. I know it's 'bad' but it feels so nice.


It is that point where the annoyance becomes the problem:  When the struggle becomes the focus - where the inability to go and the awareness of the surroundings


Well I think its called desperation when a girl realises that she could be in a very embarrasing situation and this is nearly inevitable... feeling time's running out and the pressure for hold it inside (whatever it is) is reching its limit.
Generally speaking it could be desperation because the meal is burning. Haha


I think there's an important point lurking somewhere in this thread - there's a distinction between needing to pee and being desperate.

My take on female desperation has always been that actual desperation, as opposed to just needing to pee, happens only when the girl is forced by the urge to pee into doing something she doesn't want to do.  This would include things like the pee dance, grabbing herself, wetting herself, peeing outside and so on.  The fact that she's forced into a desperate act by her urge to relieve herself defines desperation to me.



I agree with all of the above, in the sense that regular wetting doesnt really cut it - there is a definite distinction here between regular just plain wetting and an actual desp situation. without the whole urgency - it really bears nothing to me.


Female desperation before wetting is essential in my opinion.

When I first got into this fetish, any wetting video would do it for me. But now, I do prefer the whole package, the initial desperation, the squriming and crotch holding, the squriting and eventual wetting.

A desperation video ending in a squat with not even a spot on the panties is a waste in my opinion!


I would have to agree, wetpantsboy.  The wetting part is nice, and I actually prefer that over the desperation, but it really needs the whole package if you want it to be complete.

I mean, without the desperation, it's essentially some person who decided to piss themselves.  Whooopdie-doo.

Also, it IS a shame when you can't even tell that they wet themselves!  All of that desperation, all of that waiting, and FINALLY you get to the explosion...they squat down and make a puddle.  ARGH!  That just doesn't do it for me.  In my opinion, it is SO much better if you can actually see the damage of all that waiting.