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Female Desperation: What is it?

Started by FallenStar, June 21, 2007, 07:38:41 PM

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Very detailed account.  I like the progression of events that you laid out as the woman loses control, but I wouldn't want to be controlling her unless she wanted me to and the situation was right. 

The look in her eyes, the trembling in her tense, exhausted leg and bladder muscles, her last desperate attempts to jam her hands between her legs, double over, cross her legs, or doing a pee-pee dance are what makes it very arousing for me.  Unfortunately, I have never been in a situation where I have seen a woman have an accident, but I have seen a few girls pretty desperate for a pee before.  It never loses its effect


i have to agree with you bustin, desperation is a little S/M, and i do love it, but one of the best is being locked out or tied up for me
Are you sure that we are awake? It seems to me that yet we sleep, we dream.


I like it when girls freely hold there pee and then let it flow when they want


Quote from: doggy on February 02, 2008, 08:52:01 PM
Quote from: FallenStar on June 21, 2007, 07:38:41 PM
This topic answers the basic question listed as the topic title:

What is Female Desperation?

Answer: Well, put simply, Female Desperation is a state of being when a girl or a woman is desperate to pee.

Why is this so arousing to both men and women?

For women, it's partly because a full bladder can press down on their vagina which can be pleasurable for them; Also, some women say that they get a lot of pleasure from feeling things from their urethra when they're desperate or actually peeing; some women even get a thrill from peeing in their clothes, probably because they like being wet

For men, there's also the idea of being able to control the woman (purely in a sexual manner - which some woman also like)

For me, personally, I like the reactions of a girl who really needs to pee badly and I do like taking control and making her wet herself...

The FallenStar Approaches.

female desperation is when a girl is hobblibg around trying to find a place to expel her liquid gold
well yes and no, when a girl has to pee badly, and cant find a toilet or a toilet is unreachable, thats female desperation, you just named one of the most typical stages of that phase
Are you sure that we are awake? It seems to me that yet we sleep, we dream.


is a situation of a girl who fall the control of your bladder and she have to pee with very urgence, but she wan`t stay in ridiculuos


What most interests me about this conversation is that it confirms something I've been studying for a couple of years now.  My hypothesis is this:  sexual fetishes are extremely specific, highly situational and share few consistencies even with very similar fetishes.  That is to say, we all like female desperation.  However, when each of us thinks of the ideal "female desperation" sequence, each of us would come up with a different ideal.

I think what makes drawing any broad-based conclusions about what makes this fetish pleasurable to its participants is that each of us is participating in a very slightly different fetish.  Indeed, I've discovered that you could draw most fetishes like a multi-circled venn diagram, specialized to each person.  Picture it with me:  a big venn diagram (that's the thing with the overlapping circles for the uninitiated) representing female desperation.  Each circle would represent a facet of the hobby:  forced wetting, accidental wetting, deliberate wetting, fully clothed, partially clothed, fully nude, exhibitionist, voyeuristic, streams, small squirts, etc.  Now, for each person the circles in this diagram are arranged differently.  (For the rest of this paragraph I use myself as a hypothetical and self-contradictory example; this doesn't necessarily reflect my real preferences or wishes)  Perhaps for me there's a big intersection of interest with deliberate wetting, partially clothed, voyeuristic, streams, etc.  Maybe some of my circles don't touch at all.  I might have no interest whatsoever in accidental wetting or fear wetting.  Or, as a third possibility, I might be interested only in a certain combination.  For example, maybe I don't care for accidental desperation wetting but accidental fear wetting turns me on.  In fact, this could get very complicated when it turns out that I'm mildly turned on by plain ol' desperation, majorly turned on by fully clothed deliberate wetting, etc.

Put more simply, maybe I really really like wetting and someone else is only in it for the desperation.  Maybe the whole thing is ruined for me if I can't see the outcome, but someone else gets majorly turned off by seeing that same outcome.  Even though we call our fetish the same thing we're really engaging in a completely different fetish in the sense that it's predicated on something completely different.  For example, maybe one person likes to force women to wet themselves due to the control aspects, while another prefers to watch shy girls get embarassed by an accident because the sense of privacy and violation of modesty is what turns them on the most.

My theory, then, is one of superfetishes.  Somewhere in that tangled venn diagram of personal choices, moods, preferences, turn-offs, etc. there's a place where the most circles intersect to cause the most intense gratification.  This is why, when properly in the mood, many porn surfers can describe a similar experience of searching endlessly through galleries of their favorite fetish and still wind up frustrated.  The pictures may have stroked their fetishes, but they didn't hit the sweet spot of their superfetish, and sometimes the libido demands no less.

My remaining question then is this:  why female desperation at all?  It's no simple answer of liking control, or modesty, or embarrassment, or simple somatic stimulation of the female genitalia.  Simply put, all, some and none of these apply to different connoisseurs of this fetish.  For some reason, all of these people with very different reasons for their sexual fetishes condensed around female desperation as the object of their fetish, all for different reasons and all encompassing different tastes.  All I know is that societal information transfer may have less to do with it than we might imagine; I know for a fact that I've been a fan of desperation since I was eight, when I first started masturbating.  I would fantasize about it even then, and I have no idea why.  It fascinates me.

So yeah, sorry this post went on so long.  I've just always been fascinated by this type of conversation.
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I am cast in the web of an ancient spell
I'm holding on to life
I'm drifing in a stream
Everything's much clearer now
We live within a dream and never wake"
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From the male perspective, it might have something to do with not only your possible control of the girl, but also the girls loss of control of herself.

Rewikitty said some interesting things, and I think those things are probably true.


What is the term when a woman relieves herself after desperation, with her pants off? Or is there no term that isn't obvious?


Quote from: knuclear200x on May 03, 2008, 10:25:08 PM
What is the term when a woman relieves herself after desperation, with her pants off? Or is there no term that isn't obvious?

I've never heard a real "term" for it, but I definitely prefer the woman to relieve herself after desperation.  Accidents don't turn me on very much.
In the image of those who have come before me here
I am cast in the web of an ancient spell
I'm holding on to life
I'm drifing in a stream
Everything's much clearer now
We live within a dream and never wake"
-Kansas, Child of Innocence


Love the build up, love seeing women who need to go and can't. I also like to roleplay dominant scenarios with my girl, and roleplay other types of situations, sometimes where its inconvienient to go, sometimes where I don't let her, and sometimes where she can't go at all for some reason or other. Sometimes we're ourselves, sometimes not, but either way, I always love it. As for the peeing, accidents don't turn me on.


yeah... the very 1st explanation is pretty correct... btw, i'm a female, and i find it pretty enjoyable... :$


Quote from: soccer388 on June 20, 2008, 08:37:47 AM
female desperation that ends in wetting is most definatly my favourite fetish

Definitely same for me. It's even more important than my tight-spandex clothes fetish and my barefeet sneakers fetish :drool: :blushing:


Female desperation is when a girl has to pee but has to hold it because there isn't a toilet nearby or they don't want to wet themselves.


i don't really have a reason. i came across this pic and i liked it. i don't like forced though


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