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Food Play

Started by Kupcake, July 24, 2011, 04:02:10 AM

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I don't have an extreme fetish for this, but I do have a moderate one.

I've had a fantasy of pouring chocolate syrup over my body (most preferably my torso area) and having my partner lick it off. One time I poured some ice cream on my boyfriend's stomach and licked him clean, and that was a huge turn on for him, lol. I like the idea of sweet substances being on someone else or myself. I've watched videos of people being doused in sweet stuff and literally looking like desserts. It's not as big of a turn on for me as other things, but this fetish has been involved in some of my fantasies.

Is anyone else into this kind of thing?


This is one of those things for me. On one hand, I wouldn't insist that a girl douse herself in chocolate and ice cream so that I can lick her clean. At the same time though, if she was lying down nude in front of me, slowly drizzling melted chocolate over her stomach while looking at me with those "come hither" eyes, I would find it mind numbingly hot.

I don't consider myself a chocolate snob, but I'd prefer that the chocolate was some creamy, melted, high quality stuff, not that cheap Hershey's crap (regardless of whether or not I was the licker or lickee, but right now I'm assuming I'm the licker).

It would be drizzled and splattered all over her chest and abdomen, so I could start up top and slowly lick the chocolate off her breasts, then trace my way lower down her abdomen until....

Great, now I've got another fetish. Thanks alot.  :S


This is something that i could enjoy mixing with my tickling fetish. I could put melted chocolate on someone's foot (shower first please!), then lick it off and enjoy the sound of her hysterical laughter.

Food play by itself never really held my interest, but i suppose i could be tempted if you find something i like. :lol:
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