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Drawing my own anime desperation/wetting pictures

Started by Bloke1, October 17, 2007, 10:54:21 AM

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The picture is of twin sisters Rose and Lily (both aged 19). The outfit you'll be wanting to look at is Lily's.

Apoligises if it isn't up to standard with everything else, I try my best.
Hope you all enjoy!



I COULD pull rank, yanno...   :lol:

But, the only anime series I can think of is Teamo Supremo....  and I KNOW that's not right....    :lol:



um she has Mimi Tachikawa (from the second season of Digimon,  (Digimon Adventure 02)) clothes on right?

The pic is pretty good.

since my other request was too young, do you think you could do a desp pic with Futaba Kutsuki from Green Green? I think she is 18.


Nice one Duce - Mimi wore the t-shirt :D

I'll have a look for Futaba Kutsuki for you - what situation do you want her in?



where are the pics??
anyway, is good to hear that soembody here draw pee scenes, i draw too, but never pee scenes, is difficult to me...


Quote from: Bloke1 on November 17, 2007, 05:54:40 AM
Nice one Duce - Mimi wore the t-shirt :D

I'll have a look for Futaba Kutsuki for you - what situation do you want her in?


well I'm long time digimon fan so, it was just natural for me to know it, lol

any what situation do I want her in?, umm I'm not too sure, just something where she's really desperate and holding herself with a shot of her panties.

are you going to need some pics of her?


gj dude

but for the next one, can you have a full blown wetting?



I'll do a desperation one for Duce, and I'll do a full-blown wetting for the next one.

I've also got a very cool desperation picture I want to do, so this should be a lot of fun doing that. Plus you'll get to meet all five of my characters as opposed to just Rose and Lily.



I start by drawing the picture in pencil, then scan it into the computer.
I then use my drawing tablet to ink the image on the computer using Paint.NET (basically a freeware version of Photoshop with less features). I use black to do the lines on a seperate layer, then add layers underneath the lines but on top of the original picture.

I start with the skin layer, then the hair/eyes/face/small body features on top of this, followed by the clothes layer between the two.

I use a solid colour background whilst doing the coloured layers so that it is completely filled out - usually a dark blue so it's easy to notice where I've missed.

I use white backgrounds as it's easier that way.

Hope that explains some stuf for you :D


The Hidden

I have a question.

Would you also do wetting shops on pictures as well?  Like add wetting to pics that don't really have it? (similar thing that Omo-Collage does).


I would love to one day, but currently don't have the skills to do such a task. That picture in the folder at the moment was my first, so hopefully the qulaity'll increase as the months and years go by.


Hey, sorry I haven't said much about my next picture.
I've got an idea swimming in my head so I'm going to start that tonight and try and get the pencil drawing done :D

You've met Lily and Rose, you'll next meet Mimi...


When you are done, tell me how to do it myself, lol