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Started by FallenStar, June 21, 2007, 03:01:19 PM

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I am your host, FallenStar.

Welcome to, a small community of people who love the idea of anime girls being desperate to pee and wetting themselves.


27/Male/Straight/Katrina-area (NOTE: Not a real town)

I hope you find things to your liking here.  =)

The FallenStar Approaches.


thank you for having me fallen star and thank you to all those who helped in  making this site what it is


Thank you for the welcome, FallenStar.  I am looking forward to delving into everything this site has to offer.  I have never seen anime female desperation before, but if it is good FD, I am looking forward to seeing it.


My apologies. I forgot to change the intro message when I switched hosts.   :death:


 :clap:  Welcome, Falling Star, and thanks for all your hard work and contributions to this site.


thanks man!!!! This page is what searches in a lot of time


ty for having this site fallen star it really feels nice to have other people in common that like fd and anime fd. i felt like a freak the first time i found it out, BUTS YOUS MAKES MES FEELS VERYS SPECIALS lol ty


thanks for having me star on this great website


Thanks for creating this site for us, although I'm actually more turned on by female human being desperate and wet themselves than anime girls, this is a really great forum too ^-^

I love chatting about omorashi with anyone at anytime, but I'm new and a little confused in this forum site. Also forgive me if I'm being annoying, talking about girls' desperation on the net is 1 of my major hobby, since it's my obsession and I can't tell anyone in real life... =X
Nothing arouses me as powerfully and as instantly as the presense of a desperate girl who's at the verge of peeing herself shamefully any second.
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Omorashi is my LIFE!
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greetings my name is saisais hope to get along with you.