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Started by andreww9933, July 26, 2009, 09:55:47 PM

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My profile says that I have over 10 post, yet when I log in, I can't gain access to the images. What's up with that?? I love the image section, there's a lot of really good stuff in it.

QuoteRule number 7: Because the previous 10 post count rule was cause for mass complaints, I have instituted a change; regular members - those who join right away, now have access to the shoutbox, chat, and downloads sections. If you want access to the Image Gallery, however, you have to prove yourself worthy of being an Advanced Member. Post good posts (as suggested by the FAQs), don't break any rules, and post often and more than likely, you'll be an Advanced Member in no time - those members who have more than 10 posts and had access before need only to continue posting - eventually, you will be made advanced. Sorry about the change, but it is done in order to encourage posting without being anal about it.
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