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Furries/Yiff: do you like?

Started by The Hidden, July 18, 2007, 09:42:38 PM

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in that pic of the % of furries, mine would always be the 50%. thats good enough for me. anything else ruins it for me


for furries I would have to stop at 50%
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The Hidden

Is this an example of too furry?

Yes, this was shopped by someone.


Yeah, i'd have to stop at 10%. If it's 50% or more i would have trouble seeing her as anything more than a pet. Or friend, depending on how smart she is.
On the internet you're only as smrt as your spell checker.


i myself is a furry i my self think furry female desperation is kida rare


HELL NO! I HATE FURRIES! You cant go on a webcomic without seeing one, and theyre plaquing the interwebs. I dont even know whats so great about them. The whole idea seems to be stupid to me.
Why am I locked in the bathroom, you say? Well , I do believe thats none of your buisness. *fap* *fap*


Yes! Though it's usually separate from my watersports. but here's a nice picture of the two:

I'm not a loli/cub person at all, but for those who are:

n00b makes good toliet.....


I like furries a lot. <3 All kinds of furries.

I'm not sure why. oAo I just find them very pleasant to look at.


"Ah, so soft and silky, and, um, oh my, now that fur is a bit coarser.  Oh, you like that, good, let me continue..."


I'm not a furry, andI've seen some furry stuff, but it never appealed to me. It just seems sort of silly to me. XD If I found a picture I liked, it would be despite the furryness, not because of it.
Don't mind people who are though.. it's silly to criticise fetishes.


I do like it to some degree, but I have a limited tolerance for it. A lot of furry stuff tends to be bad, but I enjoy the good (Such as the pictures posted a few posts back.)


yes in fact its one of my favort the incent looking one more so


gahhhh its the FURRIES!!!! RUNNNNN!!!!

lol jk i am a furry and love other furries.



tell me what wrong with furries that you dont like? not all of us isnt bad like myself for starter im just want to konw

btw i like your siggy killergir