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Furries/Yiff: do you like?

Started by The Hidden, July 18, 2007, 09:42:38 PM

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The Hidden

I mainly like lolifurs.  So I think that might be a yes.



Indeed, there's plenty of good furry material going around I like. Strike up another yes.  :thumbup1:



Like most things, it can be hot and it can be horrible.

anyways I approve.

The Hidden

What's also strange is that furry female desperation/watersports is kinda rare.


Q: Furries/Yiff: do you like?
A: HELL NO!!!!

Mydnyght Edgeworth

Quote from: packrat on August 06, 2007, 06:35:23 AM
Q: Furries/Yiff: do you like?
A: HELL NO!!!!

I, for one, could not agree more.

This loli is not wearing any pants.
That renders your argument invalid.



90% of furry stuff is crap.

Then again, 90% of everything is crap.

Do want.


I don't entirely get the frothing fur hatred that some people seem to have. :(  As pervy as I am, I think I'd be a raging hypocrite to throw stones at someone else's fetish. :)

Nevertheless, not for me.  I've got a hairless pink ape fetish. :)  Nekomimi, even cat tail, I can live with... add body fur, and I start losing interest.

Mydnyght Edgeworth

Actually... I think I sounded a bit harsh in my previous post in my thread. Allow me to clarify something.

I guess in this sense, I'm pretty much like kimiko. For me, human + animal ears + animal tail = ^_^.
Full-on furry, no thanks.

This loli is not wearing any pants.
That renders your argument invalid.


I totally agree with Mydnyght and Kimiko. As long as it's not too furry, i'm okay with that. Even more, I'm a big fan of nekos (really, what could be better than a loli neko maid :)?). Something more furry, I don't know, that depends on many factors, and furry is not the main of them.


i always liked furries and will always like furries nuff said

The Hidden

I like creating lolifur desperation scenarios for some reason.


Just for reference, guys:

I stop at 10%.
"We can't stop here!
This is bat country!"

"O great creator of being, give us one more hour to perform our art and perfect our lives."