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yes or no?

Started by omsoru, April 30, 2008, 02:22:23 PM

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I have a real life loli- case wetting of a hm... what was it..... 13 year old, I think. its been a while. I just remembered it a while ago.

so what do you say, yes or no? sorry I forgot to put it on poll
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whats a...."loli-case"? is that a container with a 13 year old girl on it? and do u mean submit a picture of it? well it may be controversial  since she's real.


So what exactly do you mean? Tell us what happened or something? Pictures might be a little overkill since she's real, but just telling about it should be fine, I guess.
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its a story, no pictures, and I'm asking because it is controversial, so its a 13 year old wetting story, yes or no?
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Yes. Just don't tell us the age.


oh who gives a fuck about her age? Sure some people might get off to her even though she's under 18, but is a posted story really hurting anyone? And it's not like she has had underage sex, she wet her pants. I know I'm being rough, but the "18 year" rule was always irritating to me when applied so universally.


If it contains her involving in any sexual activities - no.
If it doesn't - sure, why not?

Without sex involved, it can't possibly be illegal. I mean, if none of us were interested in FD, we wouldn't even think of it as perhaps being illegal.

Oh, and with all the under-age stories I've read, many of which have been linked here ... And many of which containing far more than just a girl wetting :roll:
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Definitely yes, I don't care about age that much
Let nothing meet the gaze of the Death Soul, for it will drain the spirit of anything it observes


alright, I am going to tell it, but don't read it if you so wish.

alright this happened on the fourth of july (great day for a wetting right?)

"come on already!" she exclaimed as I picked it up along with other things as we were sitting watching the fire works. so  I turned "jenny whats wrong?" "I have to go to the bathroom really badly!!!" she shouted I looked around to be sure no one was looking. my bulge became significantly larger that point. I asked why she hadn't used the bathroom. "I was busy, first I went shopping, then swim practice, and then here" I listened with growing excitement. but dropped the subject there. I wanted it to look like I wasn't excited. I watched her more than the fire works, she was pulling out all the shots to keep it in. then the fire works ended and our parents talked for a while, leaving her me, and her sister. so while she was bent over I was trying to get her to wet. I told her to just go by the bayou, but she refused. she stood up and danced around. both her sister and me just urged (pun intended) her to go. but being the goody two shoes she was, she refused yet again, and then her parents came and told her it was time to go. she sighed of relief and left, but I gathered from her the details from after she left. she sat in the car seat. hitting every red light and her legs were clenched together and rubbing. she finally got home and she was above the toilet and pulled off her short shorts to reveal a bathing suit instead of underwear. she was taking it off when she lost it. the liquid spilled out from under her as she stood there blushing and shaking from relief. she then got changed and took a shower.

I can make longer stories, but I was only with her for a short amount of time through out her desperation, sorry if you didn't like it, or if you found it too short.
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