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Do you partake in panty pooping?

Started by Doom_Guard, July 19, 2009, 10:27:14 PM

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Yes I do! I love doing panty/diaper pooping, the only unfortunate part about it is the clean up as others have said. I like it in hentai, as well as doing it myself or potentially watching another girl do it. I don't like looking at it though, and the stains make normal panty pooping a total pain in the... butt. :D But I like diaper pooping more as it saves the mess and the stains and often times... the clean up. Once you clean yourself, you're done! Now I'm not trying to press them on you, I'm just comparing the two experiences. Stains are hard to explain to people you live with like Mommy and Daddy...

I would recommend it though. Sitting down on it is nice, just make sure you don't infect in certain areas Ladies. :D Have fun!


Sorry in advance for such a long boring story, I'm sure none of you want to hear the exploits of some guy but I had to get this all off my chest.

Its been such a long time since I've tried pooping my pants but recently I've had the urge to do it again.  I just ignored it, mainly because I don't have anything suitable to poop in.  I only own boxers and boxer briefs and I didn't think they would work very well.  However this morning my devious urge got the best of me and I couldn't help myself (I also blame this thread!)  I was laying in bed and I had my monitor turned to face me and I was looking up some panty poop videos (surprise surprise) and I noticed that I really needed to go, like I usually do every morning.  I was about to just get up and go when the thought occurred to me to just let it all out right there.

I debated it for a while, I finally decided I was going to let fate decide whether or not I get messy.  So I flipped a coin, heads I get up and go to the bathroom or tails I fill my pants right there.  Well the flip came up heads...and I realized how disappointed I was with the result, which in turn made me realize how bad I wanted to go in my pants.  So I decided to ignore the coin and I got in position to let it all out.  I was laying on my side looking at some very nice panty poop pictures and I tried to let it come out slowly.  However it felt quite firm and since its been so long since I've soiled myself like this it didn't want to come out on its own.  It came out to the point where I could feel the very firm tip of my mess just barely touching the fabric of my boxer briefs, once I felt that I knew I had to just go for it. 

Not knowing how well the boxer briefs would hold the load I put my hand on the seat of my briefs and pushed as hard as I could.  Almost instantly a firm load filled the back of my pants, it immediately made me realize why I used to do this so often.  I just lied there for a bit feeling the mess in my briefs when I realized how badly I needed to pee.  I got up and was quite surprised how well the boxer briefs were keeping everything in.  I walked to the bathroom (I have my own private one, made this process much easier) and stood in the shower, legs together, and had a long morning pee in my messy shorts.  Afterwards I crouched down in my shower and gave one final push to make sure everything was out and there I was, crouched down in my shower dripping with piss and a load in my pants. 

Cleanup wasn't so bad, mainly because I was worried about the boxer briefs not holding everything, so I didn't sit in my mess like I used to.  But I must say after being gone for so long it really felt good to have an "accident" like that.  I've decided to make a WalMart run tomorrow and pick up some regular briefs to see if I really want to get back into doing this again.  Both my room mates go to work in the evening so I'll have the whole house to myself tomorrow and I intend to make a mess of myself.  Hardest part is going to be holding it in until they leave as I usually have a really strong urge to go in the morning so its going to be a bit of a struggle to hold it in all day.

So I'm hoping to have another...incident tomorrow evening in a brand new pair of briefs.  I mention this mainly because I would really like someone to talk to during said incident.  I doubt anyone has much interest in listening to my ramblings as I fill my pants but I always really enjoyed talking to someone while I did it.  One of the main reasons I stopped for so long was I just fell out of talking to people about it and my interest waned.  So if anyone would like to talk me through my official comeback (I'm counting today as a warm up :blush:) I would quite like that. 

Also to those who enjoyed my stories over on nyou fiction just know that I'm still around and I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in so long.  I have tons of ideas but just can't seem to work up the motivation to write them.

Iku Nagae

I'm a guy and I'm curently wearing panties. I wish I had a load in me so I can unload in them.
Sorry again for necro'ing a dead thread.


Firstly, I have pooped in my underpants before ( I have three pairs that have a hole in the front so I use those). Secondly, I wish I could go more often and at the same time wish I could hold it longer (fuller/overfull undies you see). Thirldy, cleaning is not a huge turn off/ pain for me :D. And finally, phil, could send some of those images (the panty poop ones) (well if they aren't too personal for you and you don't mind) :lol: