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Female Desperation / Re: List of FD/WS scenes in Ma...
Last post by doa - June 16, 2024, 08:54:21 PM

Desp/implied peeing scene in rai rai rai ch 3
Female Desperation / Re: List of FD/WS scenes in Ma...
Last post by doa - June 10, 2024, 09:19:31 AM
desp/wetting scene in hijiri kun wa kiyoku ititai chapter 53

Girl with the lead hide in a cupboard to avoid embarrassment for a couple of hours and she eventually wets herself.
Female Desperation / Re: List of FD/WS scenes in an...
Last post by Serika - May 25, 2024, 03:37:04 PM
There is a heavily implied wetting in yesterday's episode of Konosuba. Season 3, episode 7, at about 6:30.

Darkness is tied up and on the ground when Kazuma decides to tickle her as punishment for something that happened earlier. They skip all the good stuff, sadly, and go to the eyecatch/commercial break screen. When we come back, Darkness is already untied and seems to be wearing a change of clothes... and Megumin is taking a mop to a rather large wet spot on the floor... and the futon that Darkness was previously wrapped up in has a big stain on it...
Female Desperation / Re: List of FD/WS scenes in an...
Last post by Serika - May 19, 2024, 05:11:36 PM
Gushing Over Magical Girls ep6 - Some desperation at 8:45, which is followed up later by a wonderful scene of diapers and wetting and adult baby play. Haruka, whose magical girl alias is Magenta, is out shopping for dinner when a sudden urge to pee hits. She thinks to herself that she must have drank too much water because she has to pee really bad. As luck would have it, she senses the bad guys at this time and runs off to fight them without using the bathroom first. Haruka transforms into Magenta and flies across town, then lands at a playground where she encounters Nero Alice, who immediately tries to trap her in a dollhouse. The dollhouse allows Nero Alice to mind control people who are inside, so Magenta tries to avoid it but is forced inside by some random monster. Magenta faints, and wakes up in a crib. She appears to be aged down into a baby, with a pacifier and a diaper. She now even believes herself to be a baby. Nero Alice walks up to her, and has aged up into an attractive adult woman. From there, the two engage in baby play, with Magenta wetting herself and being changed, and falling in love with her new mommy. Soon, Magenta is able to wake up from being mind controlled, turning back into a teenager while Nero Alice turns into a loli. She is laying there with no panties, and realizes she just did all these embarrassing things as a teenager. She also realizes Alice is lonely, and in a moment of compassion, Magenta calls her back to keep playing. What follows is consensual adult baby stuff, which Magenta seems to be enjoying at this point. Alice feeds her milk until she has to pee again, then starts pushing on her bladder. Magenta tries to hold it, but ends up wetting her diaper again. At this point Alice runs out of magical power and the both of them are ejected from the doll house.

Gushing Over Magical Girls - EP6 - Desperation, wetting, diaper - 8:45

Onii-chan wa Oshimai! ep1 - Mahiro is busy playing an MMO at 7:00 when she has to pee really bad. From a side angle, we see her grab herself and kick and struggle for a moment. She looks terribly uncomfortable and it's pretty obvious what her problem is. Mahiro doesn't want to get up and leave because she is busy fighting a boss in her game. She looks at an empty plastic bottle and reaches for it, but then decides it would be impossible for her, so she leaves her bedroom after all and is seen sitting down on the toilet.

Onii-chan wa Oshimai! - EP1 - Desperation, Toilet use - 7:00

Oniichan wa Oshimai! ep3 - There's actually two scenes in this episode. First we start the episode with Mahiro grabbing her crotch and running to the bathroom. This is at Mahiro's house, but when she opens the bathroom door she finds an unexpected guest. Her sister's friend Kaede was just about to pull her panties down and have a seat, so the embarrassed Mahiro closes the door and waits for her to finish. Later, at 13:25, the three of them are in a crowded movie theater at the mall when Mahiro suddenly has to pee. She doesn't want to walk out right in the middle of the movie, but she has to pee really bad and tells her sister she'll be right back. Unfortunately, there is a LONG line to the women's bathroom. Mahiro waits at the back of the line, squirming and suffering, and seems to be there for a long while. She then hunches over while holding herself, and whines that she can't hold it anymore. Meanwhile, Kaede is starting to wonder what's taking Mahiru so long, so she goes to check on her. She enters the now empty ladies room and finds Mahiru hiding in one of the stalls. The camera zooms in on her feet and legs. There is visible urine running down her legs and a puddle at her feet. She didn't make it in time. The skirt is still okay, so Kaede leaves and returns with a new pair of panties for Mahiru to wear, and they return to the movie together. Kaede promises not to tell anyone.

Oniichan wa Oshimai! - EP3 - Desperation, wetting - START, 13:25

Oniichan wa Oshimai! ep6 - In this scene, classes have just finished and Mahiro is walking the halls with her friends when they pass by the bathrooms. The sight obviously triggers something in Mahiro, who visibly shivers with desperation and realizes how bad she has to pee. She excuses herself, but runs into the boy's bathroom instead and lifts her skirt in front of a urinal, with boys on either side of her. (I should note that Mahiro used to be biologically male, but was transformed into a girl via experimental drugs at the start of the series. Trans rights, motherfuckers.) She quickly realizes her error when the boys start staring at her and runs away in embarrassment. Mahiru runs into the girl's bathroom next, but is followed inside by her new female friends, who want to take the opportunity to pee too. Well, Mahiro gets a bit of stage fright from the idea and decides to leave without peeing. They all start their walk back to their respective homes next. Mahiro is following them from behind and looks very tense, very uncomfortable. We are treated to a great close-up of her holding her crotch while moaning "Almost there." They make it to Mahiro's home first. Mahiro runs up to the door, waves goodbye, and then shivers once again from all the nice feelings her bladder is sending her. Mahiro runs inside at full speed, then bumps into her sister and falls right on her ass. The scene cuts away and we can hear her scream. Her skirt is then seen drying on a clothesline. Starts at 12:00.

Oniichan wa Oshimai! - EP6 - Desperation, wetting - 12,00

Oniichan wa Oshimai! ep8 - It's a girl's slumber party, and at 18:35 Momiji is bursting to pee and doesn't want to get out of bed because of a scary story that Asahi told. She tosses and turns underneath her blanket and mumbles that she really has to pee. She then decides to just hold it in until morning. However, Mahiro wakes up in the middle of the night because Asahi stole her blanket and she's cold. After trying unsuccessfully to take it back, Mahiro decides to just take Momiji's blanket instead, not knowing that she is awake and struggling to hold her pee. Momiji sees Mahiro approach from the shadows and is terrified by this. Next thing we see is Mahiro and Momiji standing in front of the washing machine, with Momiji looking super embarrassed. Mahiro assures her she won't tell, and even takes the blame for the dirty laundry in the morning.

Oniichan wa Oshimai! - EP8 - Desperation, fear wetting, bedwetting - 18:35

Oniichan wa Oshimai! ep11 - There's a short scene at 12:35 that is treated as a joke. The girls are spoiling Mahiro because it's her birthday. Mahiro feels a sudden urge to pee and says she has to go to the bathroom, but then Asahi says "I'll go for you!" and runs upstairs before the others have time to object. We then see Mahiro banging on the bathroom door, holding her crotch with her other hand, and shouting for Asahi to get out. Nothing else happens.

Oniichan wa Oshimai! - EP11 - Desperation - 12:35
Female Desperation / Re: List of FD/WS scenes in Ma...
Last post by koyukoyu - January 27, 2024, 06:15:16 AM
Shitaka Brilia Ch. 4-5

A girl needed to pee after drinking too much beer. She rushed to a love hotel with a guy to use the toilet there. Ultimately, she didn't quite make it and ended up leaking in her panties, as she had to wash them.
General Discussion / Re: The news article discussio...
Last post by Serika - January 03, 2024, 10:51:26 AM
Quote from: FallenStar on January 02, 2024, 02:43:33 PMBut when she opened it, she was HORRIFIED to find that there was no pumpkin carving at all. It was just a regular-looking piece of chocolate.

First world problems, lady! :lol:

I feel like this woman missed a step (or two, or three) between writing an angry letter to Hershey's customer service department and suing them.
General Discussion / Re: The news article discussio...
Last post by FallenStar - January 02, 2024, 02:43:33 PM
General Discussion / Re: The news article discussio...
Last post by Serika - October 19, 2023, 10:50:40 AM
Quote from: FallenStar on October 17, 2023, 01:41:19 PM

People go crazy and lash out at each other after a massive terrorist attack. It happened after 911. It happens over and over.

And over... and over... :(
General Discussion / Re: The news article discussio...
Last post by FallenStar - October 17, 2023, 01:41:19 PM

Oh my god... people are fucking stupid. Just because someone likes to paraglide and wears the color green in their outfits, it doesn't mean they're a supporter of fucking Hamas for cryin' out loud.

THIS is why I *hate* internet society (and maybe society in general). This asinine piece of bullshit.

General Discussion / Re: The news article discussio...
Last post by FallenStar - September 05, 2023, 12:37:37 PM

And yet another reason I will never take a flight in my life... again.  :lol: