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On the Way to the Beach

Started by wetwulf, March 12, 2008, 08:25:10 PM

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When I was fifteen, my parents and I went to visit some friends out of town. My mom's friend, her sixteen-year-old daughter and I all packed our swimming gear to head for the beach while my mom and stepdad did some shopping. The drive from their house to the beach was about forty-five minutes. I gladly rode in the back seat of the car with the daughter, since I had admired her for several years and always looked forward to visiting.

Halfway to the beach, I noticed that she seemed to be really uncomfortable. I leaned over, concerned. "Are you okay?" She smiled as she answered.

"Yeah, I'm fine." But she started squirming again. "Mom, how much farther?" she asked.

"Uh, about another twenty-five minutes, why?"

"'Cause I kind of have to pee." She managed an embarrassed glance my way as she finally placed her hands in her crotch to hold on.

Her mother did not offer any comfort. "Honey, there's nowhere to stop right now, you know that. You always do this." The girl looked embarassed again, but continued to hold herself.

"Mom, you've got to find somewhere to stop. I'm seriously going to pee myself if you don't stop." I felt a slight tightness in my swimming trunks as I began to think of her losing control in her perfectly-fit bikini. Then, as if reading my thoughts, her mother shocked me with her next comment.

"Well, you're wearing a bathing suit anyway, so if you have an accident, it's no big deal. Sit on your towel, though. I don't want this car smelling like pee."

"I can't believe you, Mom. I'm not going to piss myself in front of him. Can't you just pull over somewhere and let me pee behind a dumpster or something?" Her mother did not concede, arguing that we needed to beat the beach traffic.

As she squirmed, I wondered if there was anything I could do to comfort her. "You know," I whispered, "I really don't mind, if you need to go." Then, after another spark of courage, "I wet myself in my swimming trunks all the time, sometimes before I even get in the water. And I know some girls who pee in their bathing suits, in the water and outside the water." This was all true. One of my earliest "experiences" had been while watching my best friend's older sister piss her bathing suit while tanning in his front yard. Oops was all she said and then she winked at me. I remember having a wet dream about her that night.

"You promise you won't think I'm gross?" she asked. "Why would I think you're gross? I just told you I do it all the time."

She leaned over to me to whisper something. "So do I. My mom just thinks I have a bladder problem, but I do it on purpose all the time. I really didn't want to wet in front of you, but since you're cool with it." She lifted her bottom and slid her beach towel under her. "I'm sorry, Mom, I can't hold it anymore." Her mom shook her head as her daughter spread her legs, closed her eyes, and an audible hissing rose above the sounds of the car. It started right away as a steady stream that darkened the crotch of her bikini and the beach towel very quickly. Some of the wetness spread out the sides of her bikini bottoms and fell from her upper thighs. She was literally bursting as the wetness covered her entire bottom. "Oh, man, that's much better. Oh, that feels so good." The wetness faded a little and I watched, amused and excited, as a teeny trickle fell from the center of her bikini bottoms, from that area where I knew all of her secrets were held, and then disappeared.

She smiled at me and held a finger to her lips. Sssshhhhh she whispered. I knew what she meant. I also knew that would not be the last time I get to see her wet herself.