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FallenStar's RP Character accounts

Started by FallenStar, February 28, 2008, 10:26:52 PM

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Pretty self-explanatory.

You look at the poll question. You vote. I decide based on the votes.

Note: I need *as* many of the main members (i.e.  people like Serika, Taiki, Mydnyght, Videl, Lisk, packrat, Master, and so on) to vote as possible. It will determine if I leave the Mizu, Anya, Suki, Sashi, and Nanyo accounts open for any length of time longer than a few days (however long it takes to get an idea of what the forum base thinks).

Thank you for your patience and please, don't insult the characters or you *will* be banned just like Mipmixer.  You don't have to like them, but do *not* flame or troll them.

FallenStar - Site Admin



As long as it says "RP characters" in the user's rank, that is the only restriction i would ask for. If they're clearly labelled, then it's all in good fun.
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After carefully thinking it through, I voted for the choice number five (Yes, but only in the RP section). Allow me to explain.

Their posts may be confusing for newcomers who are unfamiliar with RP to FIC series and the world where these series take place in general, which is not a good thing.

On the other hand, their posts add even more weigth to these characters. Basically, we get to know them better and it can spark a desire to read the stories or join an ongoing RP due to "Iwannabetheretoo" factor.

So, having them to post only in RP section seems like a balanced solution for me, although my personal choice is "it'd be funny to see what Nanyo and the others think about our fetishes and posts" :).


yes, but like Serika said it should have "RP characters" in the user's rank. That and they probably shouldn't be used for voting in polls unless the creator of the poll says it is alright.
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I really don't care either way, but if you do have them post outside the RP section, then at least label them so we know they are not real members.  (kinda like everyone's been saying out the "RP Characters" title before)


Okay, those who have posted have made their opinions clear. My RP characters will post on the whole forum, will *not* vote in polls, and will have RP character listed under their names.

Thanks to all who voted.  =)


*sees Nanyo's outburst and steps back*

H-hello Nanyo.  H-how have you been today?  ^_^;