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Techno Music/Rave Music

Started by ^Control^, February 12, 2008, 01:50:35 PM

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So in my update I posted awhile ago I mention about learning French and going to France.  Well I decided one way of learning how to pronounce words and get the flow of the language I should start listening to their music.  Well I have discovered Techno/Rave Music.  Some of the music being... Tom Snare... Tony Parker.... Pakito... Fedde Le Grand and many many more.  Now normally I'm the kind of person who listens to Heavy Metal and Rock.   But... this music has something about it and I like it a lot.  Anybody have any other Techno/Rave Music they suggest to me!?  And does anybody break dance!?  :D


I have some, but they are all remixes of the same song.

Tetris(*explicit*) by Happy Hardcore
Tetris by 2pm
Tetris Thirty-plus Mix OC ReMix

That's all I really have.  Unless these count...

-Runaway Lover
-Sky Fits Heaven
-Ray of Light


I think there's some good techno/electronica at Killer Tracks. They have a whole section for it.