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New Year!

Started by ^Control^, January 09, 2008, 11:06:57 AM

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So... it's another super, fantasic, wonderful, amazing, exciting, outgoing, wild and crazy new year!  What better to do then start it off with an interesting blog.  First off I just want to say that I love all my friends and family and I don't know what I would do without you.  For you are the people that make each an every year an exciting adventure.  Secondly I want to state what I want to accomplish for this new year.

1. I'm going to France.  I want to have a blast and meet new people.  Perhaps learn to speak a little french.  I already know that I'm going to have an awesome time because I'm going with my cousin Erin who is the absoulte best! ;)

2. I want to work out more.  Get in better shape.  Lift some weights and ride my bike.  Hopefully I can find someone that'll help push me to do these things.  Bike riding is awesome and in the Spring and Summer I pretty much go everyday.

3. I want to meet new people and establish new friends.  I love meeting new individuals and getting to know them and hanging out with them.

4. Maybe find a girl this year that I can really connect with.  (This one is going to be hard for me!! :( ).  But it doesn't have to be a relationship... but someone that can really figure me out.

5. I want to work on more photography.  Become better with my camera.  Use it a lot more than I do.  And if there is anybody brave enough out there... I want to do photo shoots of people.  So if you are willing and brave, please send me a message and let me know!

6. Save money.  This is not hard for me.  But... I am trying to save up for a few things and I need to try and spend my money a little wiser... or not spend it at all I should say.  I want to get a new car and a house.  The way things are looking right now, it may take another year.  But who knows.

And last but not least... and I'm sure there will be more...
7. Eat healthier.  I try to do this one already, but I tend to slip up from time to time.  Especially around the holidays since you sit around and do nothing but eat food.

Third thing I'd like to state.  And be fore warned this isn't going to be pretty.  I'd like to call this my little hate section.  People that really piss me off and make me wonder why these people breathe air still.  Hmmm.... a lot of times you run into people... maybe new people... or people you haven't seen in forever.... and you talk to them.  Everything goes nice you are all smiles and you feel good about yourself after talking to this person.  Then... they give you this fake smile and lie to you.   How you might ask.... Let me tell you.  They say hey here's my number call me sometime... or maybe I ask and they give me their number.  But when I call they don't answer and never responde back.  I mean if you aren't planning on ever talking to me again or answer your phone. Why waste my time on calling you and why take the effort and energy to write it down for me.  And if you have a problem with me and you don't have the gual enough to say it to me... well you just need to be beaten in the head... with something that'll inflict massive amounts of pain!  (venting is good and healthy for you.   Just a little side note! :) )  Another thing that I hate about people is the ones who only call you when they have a problem or they need something from you.  Last time I checked... I wasn't getting paid to help solve your problems.  They are people out there who are called "Therapist" - 2.a person trained in the use of psychological methods for helping patients overcome psychological problems.  Which in my opinion is a bunch of crap.  Hell if I'm going to pay someone to help me with my problems.  I mean if you can't handle life and it's little problems... You should become Emo if you already aren't and start cutting yourself.  And instead of wasting my time with your constant problems... talk to a wall.  You are sure to get a better response than you would from me.  And don't get me wrong.  To all my friends out there... (if I have any left by now), I am here for your problems, just don't call me only when you have problems and that's it.

Well... I think I'm done ranting now.  Anyway.  Have a happy new year and may it be a good one. :)