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List of FD/WS scenes in anime

Started by Serika, June 21, 2007, 06:31:02 PM

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just discovered a thing called boku dake no hentai kanojo, theres 3 peeing scenes in it


18if - EP9 - Desperation, fear wetting - 7:20

Interesting story about a mistreated idol with magic powers. She puts all her former co-workers in pink leotards and threatens them into this hellish ballet training regimen. One of the girls says she has to pee and the instructor tells her that top rate idols never go to the bathroom. Girl complains she can't hold it anymore, instructor punishes her for talking back by trying to set her crotch on fire, girl gets scared and wets herself before the smoke can turn into fire and gets teased for it.
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Trying to download the file but it keeps redirecting me to the front page.


I don't know the name of this anime; but there is a desperation scene at about 11:40. The final episode on this show is about bed wetting.


I don't think this was shown here, but there is a small bedwetting scene in Made in Abyss, ep 7. It starts at around 15:00.


DO you know from which anime this image is from?


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Queen's Blade Grimoire - EP1 - Fear wetting - 20:30

The Grimoire OVA is about fairy tales. In this scene Little Red Riding Hood is frightened when the Big Bad Wolf jumps out of her grandmother's bed. She falls to the ground and wets her panties.

The singing flowers freak me out though. It's like having a bad mushroom trip or something.
On the internet you're only as smrt as your spell checker.


The seven heavenly virtues ep2 has a desp scene.

In this site you can download the video as an ic file (never heard of this type), but you can play this in vlc player. (right click to save as)


In "Vanquished Queens Specials" episode 3 there's a fear(?) wetting at about 4:40

In "Killing Bites" episode 2 there's a toilet scene at about 15:38


Killing bites episode 8. Rabbit girl has a fear wetting scene after Gorilla gets killed.
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Tachibana Triangle episode 4 has desperation and wetting


New ero-anime Ore ga kanojo wake3 (episode 3) contain pretty cool desperation wetting part at the start of episode. WARNING this is still hentai movie at all and contain sex scenes.