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Official Fanfic Request Thread

Started by FallenStar, July 11, 2007, 05:00:58 PM

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Magic Kitty

Facestab Fred, I love all of those.

Maybe I should try writing a fic one of these days....I'm nervous though~


Faust plans to use some of Fred's ideas, at least somewhat in his newer fics.

Though, Faust can't hope but wonder if everyone's avoiding the fics because of Faust's love, Yuno.

She's harmless to anyone who's not fawning over Faust.

Poor Wynn.


Faust X newwave88= mad love bitches X3


I would really LOVE if anyone could write a fic that had to do with Castlevania. Not that I am not for female desperation (cause I love it ^^) But I would love to see male desperation with Alucard, or really any male from the series.
Faust X newwave88= mad love bitches X3

anime lover

Quote from: Facestab Fred on September 06, 2010, 11:31:39 PM
This isn't so much a request as it is a list of ideas I just can't turn into a story, let alone even choose characters for. Maybe other writers more familiar with anime will have better luck?

-Twin girls still at school after hours must find a way to relieve themselves when all the bathrooms are closed. With no one around, they are seriously tempted to pee wherever they please, including their underwear...

-When the toilets in the mall are full, a girl knows it's only a matter of time before she wets herself. She takes cover in a dressing room to have an accident, on purpose.

-A young magician uses a water spell that backfires onto her bladder. Optionally, she has no choice but to summon a diaper to her aid.

-A simple stroll across a beach turns into a desperate situation when the exertion of the walk fills up a girl's bladder faster than she expects. Can she make it to the far side of the beach where relief lies behind the rocks, or are the ocean waves going to wet her in more ways than one?

-Late for a flight, a girl quickly jams a diaper from a restroom dispenser into her pants before boarding. The diaper's obviously not meant for someone her age, will her accident be less private than she hopes?

-Even though the campgrounds are dark, she knows the sound of her tinkling is bound to be heard by someone. The girl must sneak across the camp to the toilets without wetting herself or waking anyone up.

-A prank leaves a girl unable to take off her panties, forcing her to wet herself as the day goes on.

-An attempt at a private little wetting is canceled when more pressing matters arrive, but her bladder is still full—and there's more still on the way.

-All she wants to do is fulfill her fantasy of wetting herself in the open with no one around...but once the opportunity arrives, can she lose the people following her to see what's up?

-A girl used to wearing loose underwear doesn't feel too confident (or continent) when she has to wear panties/a costume a little tighter than what she's used to.

Again, these have all been dead ends for me, these are all free for you to use with what ever characters you feel like.

A lot of these are quite good and I've been looking for new ideas for fics, There's a few of them I've decided to try my hand at, firstly is the second to last one

"All she wants to do is fulfill her fantasy of wetting herself in the open with no one around...but once the opportunity arrives, can she lose the people following her to see what's up?"

and I've already started it, it's currently two pages in and I estimate it's length to be 4-5 pages

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I for one would love to see a Pokemon fic centered around May, she's my favorite female character in the series, and the thought of her being desperate is a huge turn on.

Facestab Fred

I have six more new ideas on Nyou Fiction's challenge section, but I'm making this one an exclusive to here.  ;)

Magical Panty Plot #10364836:

A girl dons a pair of cursed panties with a pair of numbers printed on it. They can only be taken off if she has enough accidents of either type in them, and each type of accident lowers the corresponding number by one. On the plus side, everyone around her is magically prevented from sensing the constant mess between her legs and on the floor beneath her, on the other hand she has to deal with said mess 24/7, as urine leaks and feces smears out of the very panties she can't manipulate. And if she tries to use diuretics or laxatives to speed up the process, or tries to wet/mess over a toilet,the numbers go up instead.
It's just as exciting as a knife fight in a phone booth!


I might take up that request if no one else wants to. What would you want the heroine to look/act like?
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Facestab Fred

Nothing too exaggerated, probably as a studious girl too busy with her school/work/whatever to put up with the curse, which is why she initially tries to speed up the process. Initially she's horrified and disgusted that she has to piss and crap herself in public 24/7, but she slowly descends into an accepting incontinence over time. As for how she looks like, I couldn't care less—enter your dream girl if you want.
It's just as exciting as a knife fight in a phone booth!


Just wanna see how someone would write this;

Summary: Two high powered executive businesswomen are taken hostage by some armed men breaking into their office. They are tied up and made to face each other, sitting in opposite chairs. Both complain about slightly having to pee. One of their captors is especially sadistic and connects the two womens' urethras with a catheter, saying that if one of them wants to pee, she has to pee into the other woman. As time goes on and each woman's bladder fills even more, the prospect of  relieving herself into her colleague grows ever inviting...

Include begging, promises of money or gifts, or whatever you want. 

Bonus points if the women don't particularly like each other at first, but come out of the experience close friends...or maybe more than friends...

Facestab Fred

Nyou Fiction's on the fritz, so I'm condensing and reposting some of my* ideas I want to save on here. I'll be porting at least one of my stories there to here, too, if only to get me in a writing mood again.

*Some of these were spun off of other authors' ideas. I'll mark those with asterisks. 

A fire in a food court forces a desperate girl to evacuate the mall restroom before she can relieve herself. Can she find relief hidden from the onlookers, firefighters, and TV news crews, or will she have an evacuation of her own into her pants?

Desperate for a change before her next accident, a diapered woman rushes into a dollar store to buy an extremely cheap pack. Problem is, the discount diapers start falling apart on her, leaking everywhere and eventually falling out from under her skirt, revealing everything she's done to it since putting it on!

The classiest girl in school secretly has pottypants issues from time to time, and discreetly wets herself and makes little puddles where she can. When approached by a similarly incontinent student, can she teach her protegé how to use her pants and the school grounds as a backup toilet too?

A pee holding contest goes horribly wrong when a water main blows and forces everyone out of their houses. The waterlogged contestants must find relief in their flooded neighborhood before they have emergencies of their own in their pants!

A pop star/actress in a bathroom scene really needs to go, but everyone think's she's just acting! Can she get a break long enough for some private relief, or does she broadcast an award-winning accident throughout the studio?

*A long line for the bathroom descends into chaos as one female's accident triggers a chain of sympathetic wettings and messings down the queue.

Science or magic switches a poor character(s)' bowel and bladder matter around, converting liquids into poop and vice versa. To make matters worse, conditions like bedwetting and diarrhea turn into bed-soiling and explosive peeing! Does her potty training even survive the ensuing madness?

A magical race is allowed to interact with humans as long as they relieve themselves on natural materials, like plants or woven diapers but never into a toilet. So what happens when one member of this race gets separated from her toilet totem, or an amorous human tries to get her diaper off when she needs it the most?

A number of females sharing a hotel bed wake up to wet sheets and the mystery of who wet herself first. Standing in their soaking undies, can they figure out who peed first and made everyone else wet, while dealing with their still-full bladders and the one bathroom?

A diapered character offers, is convinced, or is forced to share her super-absorbent diaper with a group of desperate females. How do they fight over it, how do they use it, and who has to wear it once everyone's done?

*Banned by her flatmates from pooping in the toilet after a particularly bad clog, one poor girl has to use adult diapers whenever she needs to drop a load.

A desperate swimmer, uninterested in the filthy bathrooms at a public pool or waterpark, buys a pack of swim diapers and has an awful time shitting in one and disposing of it.
It's just as exciting as a knife fight in a phone booth!