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To all new members posting an introduction....

Started by packrat, October 05, 2008, 06:35:10 PM

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From this point on, one-worded posts and spamming the intro board will not be tolerated!!!!!!

Post that fall under this category will be deleted.

Also, I plan to delete the intro topics of any and all banned and/or deleted members.  Due the vast number of topics, however, it will be a slow process.

On a side note, since people seem to not read the rules before posting, I will repost them here.


QuoteHere are the posted rules and regulations for this site. Follow them or I'll throw you into the black hole of Banination! gunsmilie

Rule number 1: NO REAL CHILD PORN! Seriously, if you came here to post that shit, you can just CLEAR OUT.

Rule number 2: NO SPAM/TROLLING! If I catch anyone spamming or trolling on this forum, that's an immediate ban!

Rule number 3: Treat fellow members with respect! I can't stress this enough! This is a necessity for a healthy happy community! In other words: NO FLAMING!

Rule number 4: If you have a problem with any of these rules, or if you want to suggest a new rule, post it in the suggestion area.

Rule number 5: You CAN post images in your threads but do NOT post images in the RPs themselves. The RP Characters section is okay, though.

Rule number 6: Try not to double post. This means no double threads as well. If you make a mistake and double post and are unable to figure out how to delete your post, PM me and I'll delete it.

Rule number 7: Because the previous 10 post count rule was cause for mass complaints, I have instituted a change; regular members - those who join right away, now have access to the shoutbox, chat, and downloads sections. If you want access to the Image Gallery, however, you have to prove yourself worthy of being an Advanced Member. Post good posts (as suggested by the FAQs), don't break any rules, and post often and more than likely, you'll be an Advanced Member in no time - those members who have more than 10 posts and had access before need only to continue posting - eventually, you will be made advanced. Sorry about the change, but it is done in order to encourage posting without being anal about it.

Rule number 8: Please read the Sticky in the Announcements about how I determine what a leecher is. If you're not able to follow those stipulations, then by all means, send me a PM and we'll see if we can't work something out.

Rule number 9: You MUST be 18 years or older to join and post on this site! (Sorry, but U.S. regulations clearly state this and I do not wish to risk this site for anyone's sake. If you are underage, do me a big favor and don't blab it to anyone and especially not to me, okay?)

Rule Number 10: NO SPAMMING THE INTRO BOARD TO GET ACCESS! THAT WILL RESULT IN AN INSTANT BAN! (seriously, I'd have thought this was obvious, but apparently, it's not... )

Rule Number 11: No discussions of religion or politics, please! We don't need to hear anymore about how Bush sucks. This is a place of fantasy, not reality!

Star - Site Admin

EDIT-  I increased the text size for those with 1100x800 resolution and higher, incase the text was too small to read.