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Started by FallenStar, December 03, 2007, 02:11:46 AM

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I forget whether or not I've warned anyone, but after the recent domain and hosting move, I shut down the old IRC chan room at #desperateanimegirls and have since made a new one at #AnimeGirlDesp.

I believe the chatroom link on the MK Portal SHOULD take you there, but if it doesn't, please let Duce and me know so we can try to figure out where the snaffu is.

Also, because the member base that comes here also goes to Nyou2 and Nyou Fiction (or comes here from there  :lol:), this chan is also the official IRC chan of both those sites as well.

So if you feel like stopping by, you're always welcome!  Just don't lurk in the chan without saying anything...  :)

FallenStar - Site Admin