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Hold-it Hell 2: All Abord The Bladder Bus

Started by Serika, January 04, 2018, 08:39:12 PM

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Hold-it Hell 2: All Abord The Bladder Bus

Summary: A college girl commits a sin and later finds herself on a highway to Hell after a fatal accident. She has to pee but there is no way off this bus. ... 999,999,999 bottles of pee on the wall, 999,999,999 bottles of pee, you take one down and pass it around, 999,999,998 bottles of pee on the wall!

Contents: Female desperation, bladder torture, wetting, yuri, and underage drinking.


The Pervert

Summary: A sweet, innocent little girl with mind reading powers starts her first day of highschool after years of home study. What kind of charming and lovely things will she find in the heads of other teenagers?

Contents: Sexual activity, fetishism, masturbation, and corruption.


Somehow i kept thinking about Fuuri from the Super Sonico anime while talking about Audrey. Just in case you're wondering about the timeline-

1970: Audrey born
1990: Audrey dies in accident
1992: Audrey reincarnated
1997: Epilogue of story
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