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learning a new secret

Started by Cdude12345, August 31, 2014, 05:40:41 PM

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The basis of this story is from the picture on the link above and all credit for the picture goes to hyro0o0 (who's not me)

       Last time on teen titans.

     "Get out of here now!" Shouted cyborg as the rest of the titans tried to make their way out of the building from which they were fighting deathstroke. "You won't get away that easily." Said deathstroke in a calm manner. suddenly deathstroke shot the roof and it started caving in with rocks falling and it ended up blocking the doorway, luckily every titan made it out except starfire and raven. "Oh I have a surprise for you!" stated deathsstroke as he pulled out some sort of sci-fi like gun and shot raven and starfire as they were side by side chasing deathstroke and suddenly they both froze and something odd happened. Suddenly starfire and raven started getting dragged toward each other and with a flash of light, suddenly they were merged together as one mutant person.

       "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?!" screamed both starfire and raven as they looked at each other with looks of horror on their faces. Suddenly without hesitation starfire used her only hand and made a floating platform and the starfire raven person escaped through the roof leaving deathstroke behind. After they left they made their way back to the titan tower where they presented themself to the rest of the titans in hope one of them might know how to fix this mess.

        "What should we do??" Screamed raven to the rest of the titans. "Well I don't know how to turn you back but for now you should put this on." Said beastboy with a cocky look on his face as he held up a white diaper with green on the front. "A DIAPER ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!" Screamed raven at the top of her lungs, all the while starfire was blushig as soon as she saw the diaper. "Yeah we don't know what happed to your bodies but lets not take any chances." stated cyborg. "Mabye he's right, lets just put it on and see what happens." Stated starfire while still blushing. "Okay fine whatever." said raven as she snatched the diaper from beastboy and headed in her room to change.

       They got into raven's room and started undressing to change. after they slipped on the diaper, with very red cheeks starfire stated. "Raven I have something to tell you." "What is it starfire?" Asked raven. "Well, since where sharing this body now I just feel that I need to mention that... I have a bit of a  diaper fetish." With a very shocked look on ravens face she states. "Are you serious? Well i guess that's why you were blushing the whole time and why you agreed to put the diaper on." "Well I guess for both your sake and cyborgs point well keep it on, but if wecan make it we will use the toilet." starfire was silent after that. The next day as ravenstar was walking down the hall, about a few yards away from the bathroom they felt a cramp. "Well i guess we can make it lets g.." Before raven could finish her sentence she looked at starfire and saw her blushing with her arms straight down pressed against her boobs pushing trying to poop the diaper. "Wait! starfire, hold on! I don't care what you like to do in private but we're sharing this butt now! ...I still feel something happening! starfire do not do what you're thinking of doing! Look, the bathroom is just a few yards away! No no no nononono! starfire, come on, we can still make it! We can still---- ........  .......ewww........." After that she looked behind her and saw the diaper expanding with hot brown poop, filling up every inch of the diaper while in the meantime starfire had a giand grin on her face as she was pushing out the poop.

        "Ahhh that was amazing!" Said starfire with a sigh of relief. "i CANNOT BELIEVE YOU JUST DID THAT!!!" screamed raven at the top of her lungs. "Ohh calm down you begin jo enjoy the sensation and love it just like me."

     The End                        If you have any comments or questions feel free to post and I may or may not do a part two.