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The Desperate Neko Hostage (Multiple Chapters)

Started by desperationlover9908, July 23, 2014, 06:10:58 PM

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Chapter 1: the setup

A nearly clear and sunny day in the city of Los Angeles and a normal patrol day for Senior Lead Officer Mike hawk and his female partner Maria Gentles. They were patrolling the city in the newest patrol car to be acquired by the department a 2014 Dodge Charger police edition. The LAPD seemed to spare no expense when it came to finding a replacement for their aging 2009 ford crown Victoria police interceptor. As they were patrolling they encountered the normal patrolman callouts. But halfway through their shift they got an uncommon callout that almost all of the department thought was pretty scary. It was a report of a barricaded hostage situation involving a cat/human hybrid that had been taken off the streets and was trying to defend itself but couldn't. So now the department had to call in swat and Mike and Maria were both a part of it. So they listened eagerly to the scanner wanting to know more.
Meanwhile across town a very panick-stricken and very sad owner was at division 1 of LAPD asking what the department was gonna do to find his precious Neko named Annabell.

At the moment though Annabelle was about to wet herself from fright because she had been snatched off the street and didn't know why all she could do was try to find a way to escape but couldn't because she had more urgent matters to attend to. Her owner had been in the process of taking her to a memo litter box area so she could go to the bathroom and when she was snatched by these men and her owner shot In the leg and left for dead she could only think about her poor owner and what had happened to him.
The need had reared it's ugly head and was forcing Annabelle to find a way to relieve herself but there was no other way except trying to get the man's attention.
"Meow!" She cried with as loud of a voice as she could. One of the guys took notice and asked her "quit crying you stupid cat! If u have to use the bathroom then just piss yourself!" He said without even bothering to be nice to her.
She couldn't just go and she snorted how much longer she could hold on without wetting herself. She knew only time could tell.

[ooc]This story will be told through the eyes of all characters including cops, hostage takers and hostage.[/ooc]

The LAPD was already deploying their heavy toys and assets to deal with these low life criminals for kidnapping an innocent civilian off the streets and firing shots at fellow police officers. While every car from Division 01 to Division 03 was getting called out to this call. Some of the officers wondered what the big deal was and why they needed so many officers on scene but they didnt argue since orders were orders. S.W.A.T was already rolling out in 2 2012 Chevrolet Tahoes speciallly designed for LAPD S.W.A.T and an armored bearcat unit for rescue purposes and the command unit for the negotiations team so they could at least try a diplomatic solution to the situation. SLO's (Senior Lead Officers) Mike and Maria were already responding with their assigned S.W.A.T team and like the rest on their team were listening to the radio traffic clearly trying to figure out where they had been dragged into this. The call had originally been broadcasted as "Attention all units a 427 (kidnapping) just occured 4251 N harbor blvd 22907 see the man with a striped pollo shirt on." to "13 X ray 24 shots fired shots fired! 4521 N harbor blvd 2267  harbor cross of olympic. Subjects are armed with automatic weapons and have heavy body armor on. They have a hostage say again they have a hostage unknown description on perps or hostage. Requesting additionals, a supervisor and a S.W.A.T unit asap." As soon as the call changed all S.W.A.T assets were put on stand-by and 2 teams were deployed out along with an apc and a command center for negotiations.

The hostage takers could care less about the girl. All they seemed to care about is the fame they would get from this job since grabbing a neko had never been successfully pulled off and they felt today was gonna be the day. They had watched this particular one for a couple of months learning her behaviors and patterns as well as her owners patterns and behaviors before grabbing her. They hadnt wanted to hurt the owner but when he got in the way and tried to rescue his pet from them he got what was coming to him which was a shot in the leg. Right now the cat/human hybrid was driving them nutz because they didnt know what she wanted when she was meowing they didnt wanna try to communicate with her so they just ignored her.

Annabelle had so many emotions in her right now but couldnt express them because the people that had taken her were ignoring her and her need to pee was increasing to the point of where she couldnt ignore it any longer she shoved her hands between her legs trying to hold on for as long as she could meowning all the time for them to even look at her to see what kind of state she was in and what she wanted to do. Finally one of the bad guys a girl by the name of Hannah came over and saw her shoving her hands between her legs and it made sense to her what she needed when she meowed at them. So Hanna turned to her boss and said "Hey boss i think she has to pee or something" she said shrugging not knowing if this was true or not. Only time would tell if this was true for her.

Chapter 3: The Shootout.

Mike and Maria were in the car both were dressed in a dark blue Jumpsuit with 2 patches on the sides of their sleeves. On the left side one showed the LAPD S.W.A.T logo while the other arm showed a patch with what looked like a bomb and underneath the patch were words that read LAPD Bomb Squad all silloueted agaisnt a yellow background. The front part of their jumpsuits where their top pockets were had 2 name patches one said LAPD  the other said their last names which was WOLF for Maria and Hunter for Mike. The radio traffic was pretty clear with a few crackles in and out but they could still hear the traffic between the cars and the units that were on scene already and taking heavy fire from suspects that were firing out of the windows. Mike wondered why the supervisor hadn't pulled the officers back yet. Meanwhile the 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe SUV was in formation behind the first SUV and had officers hanging off the running boards (basically the sides of where you step on a suv to enter it from the outside) on the sides of the SUV's. It was currently blasting its siren and airhorn switching the siren tone every 10 seconds and as they hit intersections to clear vehicles out of their way and to give the Bearcat (A armored personnel carried designed by The company Lenco that is preferred as the armored vehicle of choice by Law Enforcement agenices) enough space to pass through. Some of the radio traffic was: "15 Lincon 15 shots fired shots second story window watch your high ground! 13 X-Ray 24 is pinned down Left side window!" It was mostly officers trying to communicate to each other as they waited for s.w.a.t to get there so they could be pulled back. "Maria this is gonna be a hard one once we deploy huh?" she stared at him for a moment before saying "Yeah it is especially with the way this situation has been going so far" she said just as calmly as he had. The Pierce Contentdor (S.W.A.T's truck of choice for hostage negotiation in california) was already on scene trying to contact the suspect by his phone number. The APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) pulled up first followed closely by the 2 Tahoe SUVs and as soon as the SUV's stopped the officers dismounted and climbed into the APC and as soon as it was all full it drove off towards where the officers were and gave the officers cover ad time to pull back as the S.W.A.T team was now in control of the situation.

The gunmen where trying to spread the cops out so that they couldnt work together and try to find a way to overwhelm them. They were mostly using their guns as a way to keep them pinned down more than anything else. They were still guarding their hostage with elite efficency because they didnt want cops breaking down their door. The bad guys had the most common and most reliable weapon an AK47 (Automatic Kalishnikov Model 47) and were spraying the patrol cars with bullets. The main suspect had disconnected the phone line as a way of saying that he didnt wanna talk with them and dared them to try anything.
He looked over at one of his most trusted bad guys Hanna when she said that the Hostage had to use the bathroom and simply waved his hand towards the cellar and said "Well take her down there then and guard her as she pees so that way we dont have to clean up after her if she has an accident later"
Hanna was glad to oblige and coaxed the hybrid over to her before putting a collar and leash over her head and leading her down to the cellar where she knew there was a giant pit of sand that she could use as a litter box. "Here this is a litter box now go and do your bussiness" she said turning around still holding the rifle as she guarded the hybrid.

Annabelle was listening to the conversation trying to figure out some words she could understand and use herself but she couldnt find anything so instead she continued to meow wanting more than ever to be able to relieve herself in a litter box. She shoved her hands between her legs being the only thing she could do since she didnt wanna risk getting a stray bullet shot at her. She went over to the person who called her and she was given a collar and leash and then she followed the person that was leading her down to the basement and she saw sand and meowed happily because she could finally relieve herself. As soon as she was left to do her bussiness she tried her best to undo the garments that were on her but with her mittened hands she couldnt do much except try and take them off before calling for help. She gave a small cry for help and wondered if the person noticed her cry as she she shoved her hands down to prevent loss of her bladder control because she had dignity and didnt wanna wet herself.

Chapter 4: The painfull pee

Hanna was turned around trying to give the neko some privacy. So that she didn't feel like she needed to be rushed and would be more agreeable later on and didn't anger the boss.
"Hey you almost done?" She asked sweetly before hearing the meow that was trying to grab her attention. "What do you want? I took you to a box why aren't you using it?" She asks as she turns around and sees her desperately trying to get her clothes off. Hanna sighs and goes over to her "here let me help you" she tried to get the belt off and successfully did so as she got the pants off as well and threw them into a corner "go on use the sand there's no more obstacles in the way" she encouraged.

Annabelle was desperately trying to get her pants and belt off. When the person helped her with the clothes that she didn't really understand why she needed them. She nodded her approval and went over to a part of the giant box and tried to desperately dig a big enough for her to sit and pee in. The problem was that she would start and have to shove her hands in her crotch to stop the pressure from releasing. She finally got a big hole dug, sat in it and relaxed her bladder muscles as the pee started to dribble out but since she had been holding it for so long it hurt for her to go and it would stop and start. Annabelle merely waited patiently wincing at the pain.
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Really nice desperation story.  I know it's been nearly a year since it was posted, but I'd REALLY would love a wetting accident version.