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Some basic information on the Hurt & Heal topics

Started by Videl1201, July 08, 2007, 10:29:02 AM

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Quote from: Seriy on July 04, 2008, 02:39:14 AM
Sounds interesting... Can we suggest extra characters? I've been curious about whether Henrietta's (Gunslinger Girl) bladder had been enchanced just like the rest of her body...

Not until the current hurt 'n heals are over, and of course, not for the Final Fantasy Hurt 'N Heal   :lol:


Oh, this sounds like a game I've played in a forum before!  Except... more fun. >)

Stee Jans

Hmm, I guess this should go here then:

how do the RP's work?

Do people pick their "own" character at the start? It seems more to me that every other posts contributes a few minutes to the event, with the writer at that moment controlling all. And how do people pick the characters? I went through a topic which Star filled completely with characters, but I see people also use chars from real anime series.
Then, what's the main difference between a RP and a Hurt 'n Heal thread?



I'll do my best to answer your questions. It's always nice to see people enthusiastic about RPing.

The RPs use 'your' characters, either characters you've made up, or characters you've chosen from an anime or somewhere else. So far as the RP is concerned they are you. The hurt & heals, however, there is a preset list of characters you can choose. You can't 'dibs' one, and you can't post the same ones as you chose in your last post.

As for how the RPs work, the players take it in turns to post their response to the events that last affected them, and then continue the scene. Unless the event is a travelling one (We're going from point A to point B waaaaaaay over there), the post probably won't be more than about two minutes in the scene, and the post ends when you need a reaction from the other person.

If you really want to understand it, read a few of the RPs or perhaps even start one. I'm sure whoever is RPing with you will help you out.

Stee Jans

Why does a RP start with sorting out a "posting order then", if people are suppost to post only when their chars need to react to something? Wouldn't it be strange, if the person after you ask your character something, and you can't answer until 6 posts later?
Other then that, thanks for the info:) Though I don't think I'll start a RP yet myself, need to get more familiar with the different chars first.


Posting orders generally keep people from having their character react to something that has changed since their last turn;

For example:  (using Serika's characters of Mei and Minerva and mine of Suki)

My Post: Suki giggles lightly as she tickles Mei under her arms.

Serika's Post:  Mei giggles and squirms as her bladder aches and spasms.

A posting order would prevent someone from posting right there and saying that someone plays with Suki, who is already trying to respond to Mei's reaction to her tickling.