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Forum login issue

Started by FallenStar, February 15, 2011, 06:51:08 PM

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I am a bit more than just mildly perturbed at this spam bot fucking over the login of several members (myself included). Since there seems to be no way to handle it as is, I'd like to pose a question to Duce, Serika, and anyone else in the know - if we took the site down and rebuilt it with a backup of some sort, would that remove the spam bots? Could we "flush" the site and start anew?

Welp... I'm fucked...


If the attack is coming from an outside source then it won't help, not unless we change the url to confuse the bot. I agreed with Duce last night when he said one of the members may have malware that is doing this, so i sent that member a message asking him to run a virus scan. I am now waiting for him to tell me what the results are.

What i am hoping will happen is that whoever created this bot will shut it down when it fails to get him any passwords.
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I don't suppose moving everything over to a subdomain and having the main domain just be a redirect page would work, would it? I noticed that I have not yet been logged out on Nyou Fiction, even though it's part of the same site....

Welp... I'm fucked...


I suppose I could just change the url to the forum by renaming the forum folder.

it might confuse the bot

dunno for how long though.