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Greetings from a newcomer

Started by Zaku II, June 23, 2014, 08:10:17 AM

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Zaku II

Hey everyone,

Just joined a few days ago, my handle is Zaku II(the green mobile suit from Mobile Suit Gundam). I'm the same one from Here is my profile there if that helps.


Hello there, welcome to the forums.  My name's packrat.  Pleased to meet you. ^_^

I haven't actually joined myself, but I've seen the site.  We don't have as much to offer as that massive site, but we do have some stuff to do here.  We've sections for discussing various fetishes, places to post links, and even forums to post your stories in.  If you're in to RPing, we've got plenty of those within the RP section.  If you feel the need to take a break from discussing the fetish, we've got forums for that as well.  We even have an image gallery.  Though I doubt it's as large and sophisticated as's, you may find a gem or two here that you were interested in. 

Take a look around.  I'm sure you'll find something you like around here.  Have fun and see you around the forums.