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is there any program that works like flash

Started by andreasaspenberg, May 15, 2014, 01:58:50 PM

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as flash is no longer working and nobody cares i cant create games in it anymore.(adobe ruined it.) i was therefore wondering if there is a similar program around. i want to create some games for this forum and flash cant do that anymore.


Why can't you create games in Flash anymore? :S
Don't get me wrong, I hate Flash (although ActionScript 3 is quite nice), but I'm curious.

If you want simple tools to create games, you can try things like Unity ( ) or Game Maker ( ).
I think Unity has a browser plugin for Windows and OSX (and maybe Linux?) and Game Maker can output to HTML5+JS, but I have not extensively tried either of them (because I run Linux).


Of no real help, but I think I feel your pain. I still have a copy of Flash 2004 MX and it is PERFECT for game/animation making besides the fact that it is absurdly incompatible with Windows 7 and up. Ughghghgh.

Do you or does anyone know what its sequels were? It worked so long, I didn't pay any attention until noticing Adobe took over x_x;