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Started by Lucifer Angel, April 20, 2014, 03:19:53 PM

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Lucifer Angel

I've been a lurker of this site for the past long while and have finally decided to join. So here I am I hope that I can come and enjoy my stay while I am here and am wondering just what I can do around here?


Hello there, welcome to the forums.  I'm packrat.  Pleased to meet you. ^_^

There are a lot of things you can do around here.  For one you can discuss the fetish that brought you here, (there are a lot of forums and topics to choose from for that) or you can can talk about another fetish you may have. (look hard enough, and you might find it here)  There are a few sections for picture posting and discussion, and even a section where you can post links to other web sites that you may have come across in your travels.  If you don't feel like discussion a fetish, we have places for general discussions about life, discussions about anime and manga, and even discussions about video games.  Oh, and we have plenty of RPs you can join around here.

Have fun, and see ya around the forums.