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Futa/Newhalf: Do you like?

Started by FallenStar, April 04, 2014, 04:27:06 PM

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Yes, I know this topic was already made and I know there's a lot of people who posted already their feelings on this... it's just that since I started that topic with my old account and... well, got emo enough to delete that account... I thought I'd remake this topic with an account that is actually active.  <.< >.>

So... the topic is:  Futa/Newhalf - Do you like?

Now... the first thing you may be asking yourself is:  What the @#%@#% is Futa? What the @#%@#% is Newhalf?

Well...   the way I define futa is pretty much the way most people define futa - that is to say, a humanoid being that has the general shape of a female, most often with breasts and curves, but that has, in addition to the labia/vulva/what-have-you, a penis instead of a clitoris - with some variants also having testicles as well.

Newhalf, on the other hand, is a tricky term and I've not yet found anyone who agrees on the proper terminology for this situation, but the way I define it is a humanoid with an overall feminine shape, sometimes with breasts, sometimes flatchested, but betwixt her legs is only a penis and a set of testicles, no vagoo, labia, or any other feminine genitals most expected one would see on a girl.

As such, I consider newhalf to be the fourth of five different genders - male, female, futa, newhalf, and (I have no non-crass term for it), cuntboy.

Now then, for myself, I love newhalves, particularly the shy, blushing, horny variety; I can tolerate futas but I'm not as much a fan of them because I'm not much into dual genders in terms of genitalia.

Now, what think you, o-great members of AGD? Do you like, hate, scoff, look down upon this fetish or do you, like me, thrill in such weeeeerrrridddd stuff?  Also, would anyone be interested in me doing a newhalf pee-desperation/ejaculation-desperation original story or whatnot?

Welp... I'm fucked...

Mydnyght Edgeworth

You're probably gonna wanna kill me for saying this, but all I read was "FallenStar loves men with tits."
I'm sorry, but I basically cannot bring myself to appreciate futas and/or newhalves.
I don't buy into any of that "Poison is a newhalf" horseshit either.

This loli is not wearing any pants.
That renders your argument invalid.


QuoteFuta/Newhalf: Do you like?
Hell yeah, gimmie those cocks! :D

How about favorite hentai/manga/artists of this fetish? My favorite artist is Behind Moon, the guy who does Dulce Report. All of his stuff is good.

On this subject, i recently learned that one of my favorite shows had a futanari character all along. Princess Mill, from Maze Megaburst Space, has a penis in the manga and the light novels, and also the final episode of the TV series. Makes me wonder how many people fapped to her without knowing this. :p
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Well, obviously, d00d, I'm gay for you. That's why I wanted to RP with you as a cute big breasted blonde girl.   :lol:

No, but seriously, the definition of a male as someone who has a penis is a pretty old concept and if you believe that way, well, that's your prerogative but in fantasy, I feel that anything is possible and so I'd have to disagree with them being "men with tits". 

Although, I wouldn't wholly write myself off as being non-gay, being that my only real sexual experiences were with a male cousin of mine in the old "experimenting" phase of my life.

Welp... I'm fucked...


Newhalf? Sounds like the name of a magazine about Anime.

Anyways, I must admit that I do love me some Futa. Hell, I even prefer it when a penis feels the need to be thrown into the mix. Yeah, the only time I feel comfortable seeing another cock is when it's attached to a female body... Although, I do keep that line of thinking strictly limited to fantasy and not reality...

By the way, speaking of ejaculation-desperation, I found this little Futa Manga/Doujin that is now my new favorite thing -- mostly because it includes some things I really enjoy: Futa, wrestling, a form of desperation, and a cocky(Pun!), arrogant, bad girl being humiliated. Enjoy: