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School Field Trip Bus Hijacking first pee desperation story.

Started by desperationlover9908, February 19, 2014, 10:53:00 PM

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hello everyone this is my first pee desperation story. hope you enjoy.

it was a cool morning. as the sun rose over the suburban neighborhood and illuminated all the windows where many people are just getting up. in a blue house with a oak wood front door, a girl of about 9 years old is waking up. her name is Clarissa. As Clarissa is rubbing her eyes and stretching she sees a furry creature appear on her bed. It's her cat Fluffy-Kins. she says "hi Fluff how're you this morning?"

the cat sits upright and looks at her and softly meows. Clarissa gets her school stuff together and puts her uniform on. she says "bye mom, ill be back at school by 4:30 because of the field trip today." her mom says "ok, sweetie remember that you have homework to do so please try to get it done before you come home tonight."

Clarissa walks out the door and up to the bus stop. as she reaches the bus stop one of the kids in her class Massaka tells her that the bus for the field trip will be picking up the class from the normal bus stops and the teacher will take roll as they got on the bus.

the bus arrives an hour later and the teacher says "hey Massako and Clarissa you ready for the field trip today?" they both look at each other and nods yes enthusiastically. "great! then hop on the fun field trip bus and lets get going!" they both walk to the middle of the bus and take a seat next to each other. as the other students are getting picked up Clarissa starts to cross and uncross her legs,

Massako notices and says "you ok Clarissa?" she replies back "no, I forgot to pee this morning and now its starting to catch up with me." About halfway to the museum on a lonely road with only one car that passes by on it a blacked-out car accelerates around the bus and makes the bus stop. two men armed with what appears to be pistols order the driver to open the bus door.

He does so obediently, not wanting to get his head blown clean off his shoulders. one of the hijackers a tall medium-build white man address the bus and says "hello folks we are hijacking this bus and taking it to a secure location. we will not hurt anybody as long as they follow our rules."

"rule 1: everybody is to sit with there bodies facing straight and eyes forward, Rule 2: if you have a question, comment, concern or need something don't hesitate to ask by raising your hand just like you would in a regular classroom setting." "rule 3: if and when you have to go to the bathroom you will always stick together and not go outside of the set perimeter, if you fail to do so then you won't be able to go to the bathroom anymore during this situation." "those are the rules if u don't follow them something very bad will happen to you."   

Massako listening to the men's speech but still paying attention to Clarissa says "why didn't you go this morning?" "now these guys probably won't let us out until we get to where they want us to go." Clarissa responds " I don't know why I didn't go I guess I just forgot because of the field trip and getting ready, plus I thought we were going to meet at school so I would've used the toilets there."

As the bus drives on Clarissa gets more desperate, eventually she tells Massako that "if i don't find a potty soon i'm gonna have the biggest accident ever!" Massako says "then raise your hand and ask them to use the potty i think they will let you go if u ask." Clarissa respond "....ok i will ask but your gonna be my bathroom buddy." Massako agrees and Clarissa raises her hand above the seats so that the men can see her hand.

One of the men notice her hand and walk over to her and say "yes?" massako says "my friend really has to use the bathroom and so do i, do you think we could pull over so we can go? If we don't go we are both gonna have the biggest accidents ever!" the man goes off to ask the first guy. the first man agrees to it and tells the bus driver to stop the bus and let the girls out to go pee. the bus stops and the girls that had to go stand up and start running out of the bus and into a central point so that they can pee. 4 of them including Clarissa and Marissa stand up and pee. but its too late for Clarissa as she gets into position her bladder relaxes and a warm wave of pee engulfs her and she gets really embarrassed.

end of part one more to come.
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