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new member and introduction

Started by desperationlover9908, February 12, 2014, 07:41:43 PM

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hello i am new to the site:

i am new to this kind of site and am a noobie when it comes to this site.

i registered about 2 days ago and never ever got a confirmation email.

ahh well. it is awsome to be here and i hope to be a good addition to the site's members.

i am really good @ rp but have a hard time coming up with things to say for the rp.

i have a slight speech imepdiment if my post's have misspellings or i put in the same word more than once thats why.

Metal-Head and anime lover powers unit to combine into one awsome combo!


Welcome to the site. Sorry the confirmation email didn't go through. That happens sometimes and we're not sure exactly why. The best thing to do after registering is to try and log in after an hour or so. Even if i haven't activated the new accounts yet nothing bad will happen, it'll just say you have to wait a little while.

But come in, enjoy yourself. There are already several members looking for people to RP with.
On the internet you're only as smrt as your spell checker.


thanks serika for getting back to the thread. i already created a character and posted in the rp characters section. um if anyone wants to rp with my character just uh let me know.
Metal-Head and anime lover powers unit to combine into one awsome combo!