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Allison Pees Her Panties in Class

Started by princesstess, December 12, 2013, 10:59:34 AM

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Allison Pees her panties

This is a fictionalized version of a third-party sighting reported in my latest classroom wetting survey. As the respondent did not fill in all the questions, I will take some literary license to fill in the blanks.  I will alternate from her first person point of view to a classmate besides her. The school is a Christian school.

Bill's POV
Allison had been fidgeting awhile and looked like she wanted to grab herself, like she really needed to pee.  Bill always wondered why girls seem to wait so long before asking to go.  He's seen girls wait so long that they started peeing their panties as they waited for the teacher to see their hand.  She was conservatively dressed in a light tan mid-calf dress and tan tights.

Allison's POV
I really, really  needed to go. I glanced at the clock,  another 15 minutes.  I can't wait that long. I put up my hand as a squeezed my other hand midthigh. The teacher was busy at the board. Brittany at the far right of the class room put up her hand.  My urge to pee got stronger.  No, please don't see her hand first I need to go worse than she. I thought of having to wait for Brittany made me more desperate and I started trembling from my desperate need for the girls room. I didn't think I could hold it another minute. I need to go so bad. I'm going to pee my panties in front of everyone if he doesn't let me go first. 

Bill's POV

About half a minute after Allison put up her hand Brittany put up hers.  The look on Allison's face told me that she was scared that the teacher would see Brittany's hand first.  Allison started lightly trembling. It was about another minute before the teacher turned around and saw Brittany first

The teacher gave Brittany permission and told Allison to wait, guess he figured she could hold it.   The color drained from her face and she started quietly sobbing and trembling a bit harder.  I just knew she was going to pee her panties before Brittany got back.  Maybe she already was.

Allison's POV

OH NO! I can't wait! I need to go now.! My panic jumped and my desperate need to pee became overwhelming. I trembled harder as I tried not to start peeing my panties right this second.  I'm not going to make it! I'm going to pee my panties for sure.  "no no no no..." I felt a spurt come out.  I felt the warm wetness in my panties and tights.  I'm peeing my panties. Please let me stop peeing my panties.  I tried to calm myself as I quietly sobbed.  I squeezed my thighs around my hands midthigh.

Bill's POV

Definitely she was already peeing her panties.  She sobbed 'no no no..." and that said it all. Yup they always seem to wait too long to ask. Can't even hold it a couple of minutes. A girl behind me was whispering "Hold on Allison, Brittany is only going to be a couple of minutes."  That just made Allison sob and tremble harder.

By now everybody around her was watching her sobbing and trembling.  Just waiting for it to come.

Allison's POV

I sobbed and trembled harder as I desperately fought to not totally pee my panties in class. But I spurted again. Then again. I was going to the bathroom right in my panties and just couldn't stop. The warm wetness grew and I knew it had soaked through my slip and dress too.  Even if she came right back now, everybody would see that I was peeing my panties when I got up.  I just kept spurting in my pee-soaked panties and could feel it soak along my tightly squeezed thighs.

Finally Brittany came back. "Allison, you can go now." But it was too late, and I just flooded.  Sobbing loudly as my pee ran down my legs. Oh no! Oh no! I just couldn't stop peeing my panties!

Bill's POV

You could see the pee running down her legs, leaving wet tracks along he tan tights.  The girl behind her said "Oh Allison, you poor thing."   Some of the other students giggled. Others whisper that she's peeing her pants.

* * *

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