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Day at the beach [panty poop]

Started by vman, August 06, 2013, 05:29:40 PM

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Nimo is an 18 year old girl with a big booty. I'll write her bio down later.

Most people take about 24 hours to let food they've recently eaten digest, but not Nimo.
Her digestive track takes only around 2 or so hours, meaning she has to take a few unwanted toilet breaks now and again, and today was no different.

Nimo was spending a sunny Saturday at the beach by her self, as no one else was around to hang with her.
"Mmm hmmm!" Nimo hummed as she licked her lips, "That breakfast today was exquisite!", "Too bad I had to eat double, seeing as no one else was around to
enjoy it with me.." she said with a smirk on her face. Nimo laid back on her deck chair and rubbed some lotion onto her skin. "This is the life," She murmured to herself.

As the clock struck twelve, a horrific thought came to her mind. "Oh god, I havent used the toilet all day today!" Nimo could then feel hours worth of poop churning
inside of her. "O-oh god... The nearest toilet is about 3 miles away!" Nimo began to get sweaty and flustered. W-what am I going to do?!" She quickly got up from her deck
chair and began to wander round in circles. "Oooh, there's nothing I CAN do!" She waddled over to the chest high wall behind where her deck chair was. She rested her elbows
and her bikini clad breasts on the iron railings, desperatley trying to hold in a ton of her poop. She started to get flustered and embarressed, "What would everyone
think if I pooped my bikini bottoms? I mean, it's not like I could take them off here..."

At that exact moment, she felt her rectum slowly open up. "Oh god..", She kept murmuring, "Not here..." Slowly and delicatley, her anus opened up, letting the hard
tip of her poop to poke out of the opening. She couldn't stop now, she'd just have to let nature take its course. She started to grunt as her shit met her clean striped
bikini panties. The poop slowly flowed out, creating a small bulge in the seat of her prestine panties. Nimo realised she couldn't fight it, so she lent herself
fowards over the railings, causing her huge butt to stick out. As more shit came out, it slowly began to get softer, meaning that the small tent in her panties
became a large mango sized ball in her bikini. By this point, a meter long turd had escaped into the seat of her panties when she realised she kind of enjoyed
the sensation of shitting herself; she just felt so naughty and reckless. Nimo wanted to continue filling her cute bikini, but she knew it would get messy if she
didn't stop now. Nimo stood up straight and gave a big sigh, as her poop made her bikini bottom slightly drag. As she went to pull her panties back, she thought she'd
analyse how big the mound was. She took her hand and placed it on top of the humoungus, and incredibly obvious bulge and whispered, "H-hey... that felt kinda good, too bad
everyone else at the beach can see this...." Nimo slowly trotted to an area where no one can see her dump the huge load in her panties, but she made no effort to conceal the
evidence to everyone on the beach. A group of young boys noticed her and started to giggle, but instead of lowering her head in shame, she gave her butt a little wiggle and
continued to walk over to the bushes.

As Nimo was pulling up her panties after she disposed of her mounds of poop, she felt her body gurgle a bit. "Boy, I think I'm gonna have to go lay another huge turd again
pretty soon..." she whispered with a smirk on her face.