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On the subject of Pacific Rim, Mainstream Culture, and Kaiju

Started by zryouiki, July 20, 2013, 11:48:32 PM

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Are things ruined when they become popular?

I'm a pretty long-time fan of Godzilla movies. I've seen almost all of them, immersed myself in the sparce mythology, and generally just fanboyed over the series and kaiju in general. I was a pretty dorky, lonely kid, so it was what I had back in the day. The Internet was full of things to read and discuss, and frankly, the entire culture was a bright spot in my otherwise bully-ridden childhood.

Recently, Pacific Rim came out in theaters. A self-advertised kaiju film, this movie had me excited from the first trailer. I'm a big mecha fan, retired Godzilla fan, and CGI lover. It was perfect. It finally came out, and from what I've heard (I have yet to see it because I avoid theaters), it's pretty amazing. There's already a pretty big following for it on many of my favorite Internet haunts.

But, what's this? I'm annoyed. Why are all of these people claiming to be big kaiju fans now? Why are the typical, run-of-the-mill CoD fans even saying the word kaiju?

But why is it annoying?

I guess because the whole thing was special to me. Almost like a secret club. Now it's not.

Well, that's the explanation, but why does the invasion of the mainstream worsen things in the first place? Why does a secret made unsecret annoy us so much?

I'm sure others have had this feeling one time or another. Usually we're coined "hipsters" for voicing our annoyances, but I think that's a rather large load of poo.

So, my questions are threefold.

1. Pacific Rim. Opinions?
2. Have you ever had anything ruined for you when it became popular?
3. Why are things ruined when they become popular?
Who would've known my fetish could be so Orwellian?


1. Haven't seen it. I was doubting whether I should go, and then I saw the trailer and didn't. I'm not really a Kaiju fan. The reason I was thinking about going is because I love Evangelion. This would be a reason to go, to see Hollywood's attempt at something similar (note: this was before I saw the trailer, and after I read about it). And of course, it being Hollywood, I would be disappointed after seeing it. And then I saw the trailer, which basically seems to explain the whole thing. If it turns out there's more behind it than I'm assuming, I'll probably see it sometime.

2. All the time. I'm a computer geek. Internet is what I do and stuff goes "mainstream" all the time. Not only does it somehow ruin it (whatever "it" is), random people start using and misusing it.

3. Because you have the feeling you have a deeper understanding of the thing, whatever it is, than the people around you. After all, it has been on your mind for much longer than theirs, and others don't realize this. You've loved this for ages, and they put you on their level, as fellow sheep, following whatever's popular. Furthermore, there's a good chance it's going to be a fad, and in a few months, the people who claim to love it will have forgotten all about it.