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Code Blue [Warning: Pantypoop and Graphic Imagery]

Started by dragon, May 09, 2013, 04:31:57 PM

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Hi! This is my first story on the site. I think it's a bit of a change in pace from the others I saw in here, but I enjoyed writing it and hope you'll enjoy it too! Let me know what you think! Critiques on my prose and cadence are welcome. If this gets a good reception, I'll make sure to write more, and take critiques into account!

   Emma wiped sweat from her brow, and shivered as a bead ran down her spine to nestle within her nether cheeks. It was hot today, and in the muggy closeness of the classroom the heat was almost unbearable. Seventeen ninth graders suffered in the stifling heat, their pores opening up to emit the stench of their blossoming adulthood. Emma took a deep breath, her budding breasts rising and falling as she sucked in the gelid fumes of puberty and shame.
   Despite the heat, dark thunderheads intermeshed outside, blocking out the sun entirely. Droplets of moisture hovered like magic within those clouds, and the thirsty cracked soil waited eagerly for the irrigated atmosphere to relieve itself of its burden. Emma turned to the window to watch heat lightning crackle between two magnificent heads like a bar of white fire, illuminating their fearsome contours. With the sun gone, it was dark enough for her to see her reflection in the glass. She studied her likeness intently, gazing in wonder at her pale almond shaped face, budding lips, and slender figure. Just a couple years ago, she had been a chubby child, utterly sexless and immature. Now she felt as if her proportions were reversing, her once-tubby belly becoming taut, her chest rounding out to match the double-globosity of her hips. Her face had matured as well, and her hair, once maddeningly frizzy, had become a gently curling raiment about her shoulders. She found herself smiling at her reflection; her slightly bucked pearl-white teeth peaking out shyly behind pink, bud-like lips.
   The smile soon turned into a grimace, however, as a growling protest issued from deep within her bowels. Thunder rumbled outside to match it, and the teacher droned on obliviously, seemingly unaware of the single bead of sweat that hung precariously on the tip of his nose. Mr. Hershey was the oldest member of the faculty, so old that it was rumored that he had been a teacher here while the second oldest faculty member had still been a student. In spite of herself, Emma wondered if Hershey even knew what he droned on about anymore, or if he merely recited scriptures so heavily ingrained in his mind that he could no longer direct their passage.
   "The chordate lineage shares the derived traits of pharyngeal gill slits, a cartilaginous notochord, and a post-anal tail, which has been most interestingly lost in the primate family, although the vestigial bone still remains. Although the chordates are primarily composed of vertebrates, both tunicates and lancets lack the backbone necessary for...." The thirteen-year-old nymphite's heavy eyelids drooped, her vision blurring as salty dew invaded from her eyelashes. As she yawned, the ancient teacher's voice merged with the diurnal natter of the cicadae outside. The effect was entrancing, like a lullaby, and Emma felt as if the entire class was caught in its spell. Her mind was brought back to earth as her stomach cramped painfully again, the muscles lining her intestines and uterus contracting angrily as they complained of their contents.
   "Just a little longer...." She muttered. It was three forty, twenty minutes until the end of school, and then she could finally empty her bowels of the contents they had begged her to release since half past noon. She was past-due for a movement, her desperation only worsened by the heat and her oncoming period. As her stomach contracted in anticipation, she reflected on her past few days' meals. She was constantly ravenous, as any growing girl her age had a right to be, but that was no excuse for her gluttony. She had taken part in a chili cook off on Saturday as a judge, emptying several bowels of mouth-wateringly spicy specialties until her stomach had grown almost as round as it had been during her middle-school years, so tight she had been forced to unbutton her britches. It had been almost three days since then, and the chili had worked its way through her digestive tract inexorably, filling her intestines until the septic mass pressed painfully against her sphincter.
   Emma's heat-exhausted mind wandered to the porcelain throne that awaited her at the end of class, and the deposit she would make into it. She thought of all the meals she had consumed since her last bowel movement, not only chili but corn, hardboiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, turkey, beef brisket, two heaping helpings of mashed potatoes.... She let out a comical squeak as thunder boomed outside louder than ever before, and in the moment of confusion she lost control of her sphincter momentarily, her round buttocks flapping against each other as she released her noxious fumes into the classroom. The teenaged girl's tiny frame froze as a stench like old eggs and acrid turkey rose to her nose, and she looked around worriedly. Luckily it appeared that the thunder had drowned out the zipper-like emanation of her flatulence, and at any rate her classmates were far too bored to register anything past the ticking minute hand of the clock.
   Nevertheless, the smell permeated throughout the room, overpowering even the fetid fumes of puberty and sweat. Emma blushed as she saw Chad Davis wrinkle his nose in disgust at the smell of her bowels. To her relief, however, no one was able to track her down as the source of offense.
   "Chordates are a member of the deuterostome phylum, which, as you doubtlessly remember, is classified by the unique development of its blastopore. In protostomes, such as nematodes and earthworms, the blastopore breaks off to form the mouth. In deuterostomes, such as lancets and humans, however, the blastopore forms the anus. This fascinating phenomeno-"
   A cacophony like a thousand colossal crickets filled the classroom, causing formerly dozing classmates the jump out of their seats in alarm. Emma, however, remained glued into her chair, her bottom pressed firmly against the cheap plastic. She let out a moan of despair that was drowned out by the obnoxious cacophony of the emergency alarm, and hot shame washed over her. Her tenuous hold on her bowels, already weakened by her previous slip-up, had relaxed once again at the moment the alarm sounded, and this time her expulsion had been solid, much to her horror. Emma's mind raced frantically as a glob of semi-solid sludge bubbled wetly from her anus, curling from between her buttcheeks to stain her pink boy-shorts muddy brown.
   Just barely, she managed to regain control the flow before any further waste could escape, but the damage had been done. With her butt pressed firmly against her chair, the sludge filled her buttcrack completely, and she shivered as the congealed mass oozed hotly against her flesh like a badge of her shame.
   Just then the alarm ceased, and the sonorous voice of Principal Milton sounded out over the loudspeaker. "Students and faculty, we are in the midst of a code-blue emergency. This is not a drill. A hooded figure has been spotted on campus. He is reported to be holding what appeared to be an AK assault rifle, and appears to be intoxicated. Please follow code-blue protocol immediately, and do not leave your classrooms until we have confirmed the threat to be over. Thank you." The announcement, delivered in Milton's traditional monotone, hit Emma like a boulder. Her previous self-disgust and shame were drowned out by a strange mixture of fear and excitement, emotions shared by her classmates, who chattered amongst themselves in panicked voices.
   "Silence!" The entire class looked in astonishment at Hershey, who had taken off his reading spectacles to glare at the class with wide, cataract-filled eyes. "This is a code-blue emergency, which means that quiet is of the utmost importance. Garvis, Davey, Maxwell, O'Brian, Levi, Thomas, please help me set up a barricade in the back of the classroom. Argiroff, Davis, Montague, Thorson, Zhang, Chung and Juarez, please use the teacher's desk to block off the front door."
   For a moment, the students froze, stunned by the unforeseen gusto which the quiet old phylogenist had revealed. Then they snapped to action, half of the class following Hershey to the back of the room while the others followed Chad to the front. Emma remained in her seat, unsure what to do. Now that the novelty of the threat had worn itself out, an overwhelming panic had seized her. Although she had never experienced a code-blue threat before, she had heard they could take hours to play out. She had been worried about withstanding the pressure of her bowels for the rest of the class. The thought of having to hold it in for another hour, or even longer...
   She started as a hand clasped her shoulder, and looked up to meet Chad's confident, sky-blue eyes. "Don't worry, Em. I know that these things are scary, but it'll be fine. My brother was in school during a code blue once, and he said that it wasn't even a big deal. Come help us with the desk." Although Chad had utterly misinterpreted the fear on Emma's face, the young girl felt calmer by his presence nevertheless. She stood up, wincing as her muddy panties stuck to the filth in her butt-crack, and followed Chad hesitantly to the doorway. She grimaced at each step as her butt cheeks glided across each other, oddly lubricated by the filthy mess between them.
   "Alright guys, all together now, and we'll have this room shut tight. One...two..." On three, Emma pushed along with her classmates, and immediately regretted it. As the desk slid into place, her bowels opened once more, expelling violent diarrhea to fleck her shorts greenish brown. With every step she took, more and more foul liquid leaked painfully out of her bottom to slurry her already sludge-filled underwear, and she let out a cry of dismay. The shy girl colored bright red as her classmates looked at her curiously.
   Chad quickly drew her away, telling his fellow classmates to help Hershey with the barricades in the back. "Is everything alright? What's wrong?" he asked her worriedly. He hadn't heard the sounds of her bowels moving, or else he would know perfectly well what was wrong. Emma didn't know what to say. The embarrassment was too much for her. Tears welled up in her eyes, and her slim, supple body was wracked in sobs.
   Finally, it became blatantly obvious that the putrid stench filling the classroom was coming from the unfortunate, blossoming girl he was comforting, and Chad connected the dots. Despite the smell, he drew her closer, and whispered in her ear. "Do you... need to go to the restroom?" Hesitantly she nodded, and Chad patted her back reassuringly. "I'll go ask Hershey if you can go. You just stay here, okay?"
   Emma did as she was told, sobbing silently to herself with her hand clasped to her buttocks, desperate to impede the exodus of her bowels however she could. The sensation of feces filling her butt-crack was more disgusting than anything she had ever felt in her life, the sludge oozing down into her nether lips, marinated in her hot, wet diarrhea. She had not had an accident since third grade, and had never pooped her pants in living memory. Even as she sobbed, her mind buzzed with disbelief. She still couldn't believe it. She, a fully matured young lady, had pooped herself. She could still remember her accident in third grade vividly, getting struck in the stomach with a soccer ball so hard she peed her pants, yet her embarrassment back then was nothing compared to this.
   "Hershey says you have to wait until the end of the drill." Chad told her apologetically. The look in Emma's tear-streamed face then made him want to take her in his arms and comfort her. "I had to tell the rest of the class something, so I told them that... you know... it's that time...." He looked down at Emma's crotch suggestingly, and she colored furiously.
   "That's almost as bad!" She finally managed to control her tears, and let out a shuddering breath. "But... thank you, Chad. I really appreciate it." He gave her the best smile he could, and she took a hand from her bottom to wipe her eyes. As soon as she took the hand from her pant leg, however, she felt something run down her thigh. Quickly clutching her bottom again to prevent further leakage, she looked down in horror to see a kernel of undigestable corn riding down her inner thigh on a rivulet of diarrhea. Chad followed her eyes, and the sight made him peel back his lips in disgust despite his best efforts.
   "Come on, we need to get behind the barricade. If we stay in the corner of the room, they won't be able to tell that the smell is coming from you, and they won't see... that." He looked to the brown wad of corn again, and Emma prayed that a divine presence would strike her down there and then.
   Hesitantly, Emma followed Chad to the corner of the room. Her classmates followed the pair with their eyes, whispering amongst themselves, but luckily none saw the streak of brown and yellow that crept down her left leg. The barricade that Hershey and his followers had reared was comprised of chairs, desks, and a light stand, but Emma was dubious in its effectiveness against bullets.
   At the very least, she thought miserably, if we die here, no one will know I shat my pants.... She quickly rejected the notion, looking over at Chad. At last, they found a secluded section of the room, and sat down together. The rest of the class had paired off as well, so no one gave them more than two glances. Hesitantly, Emma sat down on her mess, folding her legs under her. The position gave her a better stranglehold over her anus, but it flattened her excrement against her bottom, smearing the runny mess into the crevices of her privates and further staining her boy-shorts. She winced.
   "How... how are you doing?" Chad asked hesitantly. "I'll sit in front of you to hide you from rest of the class, just try to keep holding, alright?" Emma gave a tight nod, her mouth a thin line. "Don't worry Emm, no one will find out."
   "I th-th-think they already have." Emma's eyes welled up with tears again. She felt a wetness on the back of her legs, and realized that her diarrhea had soaked through her shorts. There was no chance of hiding anything now, as soon as she stood up everyone would know what she did. "I must really stink."
   "It doesn't smell so bad," Chad lied. In reality, Emm smelled like an unwashed barnyard, but he wasn't about to admit that. "I was in a class last semester with this girl named Noelle, do you know her?" Emm shook her head. "Anyway, she had an accident during class one day, and it smelled way worse. I think she was really sick."
   Emm didn't answer. In truth, she was barely even paying attention. Now that her nerves had calmed down, her desperation had returned ten-fold. All of her attention was focused on holding in the mass of fecal matter that was currently pressing against her over-taxed rear.
   "Sure, she was embarrassed for a long time, but she got over it. In fact, she's going out with Strapping Jack Bulwar now! You know, captain of the swim team."
   At Jack's name, Emm diverted her attention away from her bowels, and immediately regretted it. She was prairie-dogging now, the head of a massive turd emerging and regressing in and out of her diarrhea-lubricated anus. Before she knew it, she let out a spurt of urine that soaked through the crotch of her white shorts. She gasped, but luckily Chad didn't notice the stain.
   "Is it... does it hurt bad?" He asked her, oblivious of the piss soaking the floor between her shins. Her face was shiny red, and she was quite obviously straining. The knobbly log would no longer completely re-enter her body, and had now wedged itself stubbornly between her buttocks. The pain she felt as she strained to hold back the massive girth was almost intolerable. "Emm... maybe you should just... go. I hate to see you in pain like this."
   "I c-c-can't do that! How would I live with myself? How could I-?" Chad put his arms around Emm, as he had longed to do since they had sat down, and despite her shame Emma buried her face in his broad chest. In the act of doing so, she raised her rump off her diarrhea-stained calves, and the knobbly monstrosity broke free of her restraint at last. Inexorably, the stinking log curled from between her buttocks, tenting out the back of her shorts visibly, so that from Chad's vantage it looked as if the post-anal tail had reemerged after epochs of counter-evolution. He watched amazed and bewildered as the tail continued to grow, stretching out the seat of her shorts until at last it broke off, and Emma sat back down, panting.
   Emma's wide doe eyes were blank with disbelief, and Chad was quite speechless, having utterly underestimated the magnitude of Emma's potential accident. Despite the enormity of the load Emma's pants already carried, however, she still was not done. The massive turd had only served as a plug for the bulk of her load, and now that the plug was gone the predigested muck flooded out of her relentlessly. The congealed waste that filled her pants now emitted a pungency far worse than that which came before, an acrid petrichor like curdled milk and rotting road-kill.
   Emma's eyes remained blank, and she felt nothing but relief as she forced wave after wave of fetid waste into her already ruined boy-shorts. Outside, the massive thunderheads at last relieved themselves of their burden, and it began to rain.