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Sex and the Sea

Started by d418, June 18, 2013, 03:24:35 PM

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By popular request, here's a longer story about Nerissa the mermaid. It retells the original story in a slightly different way, then continues from where that left off.


Great story and interesting concept.


Thanks. I enjoy writing fiction, and I found myself really getting into this whole concept.


Sorry for the short response. I read the whole thing, and it was getting a bit late.
You've really thought through the mechanics of this thing.
The story is -without spoiling- a bit harsh/explicit, but it was certainly interesting.

What didn't make sense to me was the behavior of humans around a mermaid.
A crowded beach, and nobody seems to be surprised to see a mermaid, except for one person, who believed they only existed in stories.
She even has to clean up the men's room...
So in this world, humans know about their existence? How does that work?


I was starting from a point where I was trying to put a story behind the "Mermaid needs to pee" series of pictures, in the Gallery. I was facing a number of questions that had to be answered, such as:

- If a mermaid needs to pee, why doesn't she do it in the sea? (My answer: because she physically can't)
- Given that she's essentially naked, why doesn't she just do it anyway? (My answer: because she's come ashore near humans, who are known to react negatively to such a display)
- The pictures show her peeing from the front, so how would she use a human toilet? (My answer: she would have to use a men's toilet)
- Given that she's managed to get to such a facility (in the pictures), why doesn't that solve her problem? (My answer: the pictures show a woman interfering, and I've no idea what the Japanese conversation says, so I've made up a scenario which seems to fit).

I struggled quite a bit with the opening scene, since, as you suggest, she would be the centre of attention if she came ashore on a crowded beach. Almost certainly, the outcome would diverge from the story in the pictures (e.g. she would end up wetting herself, being unable to get through the throng to the toilets). I've just had to imply that (most) humans know mermaids exist, and that Steve is somehow unaware of this common knowledge.