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Hello from me!

Started by Bachridon, December 18, 2013, 04:18:20 PM

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I'm new here, but I hope to be a decent member here :)

To start, I'm an established "furry" writer on FurAffinity and InkBunny (Under names shortened to Bachri) and have a small number of completed stories there. I love roleplaying with good people, and fully intend to check out the Roleplay section- if there is one, it would be just like me to leap before I look x3

Oddly enough, I first registered here a week ago and never got a confirmation email. *Shrug* Oh well, as long as I'm here now ^^


I'm not even sure if the confirmation email function works... we usually just approve members one by one whenever they attempt to sign up.  :S

So... Bachridon, huh? Sounds Godzilla-ish... or maybe that's a Digimon name... you a fan of either of those series? =P
Welp... I'm fucked...


Makes sense, there must be a lot of people trying to get into such a nice place ^^ Makes it difficult to tell when you can come in though.

As for my name, I actually came up with it at random one day for an account on an air combat MMO currently known as Ace Online. Dunno why I thought of it, but it was maybe 6-8 years ago. Nowadays I generally go by the shorter "Bachri," which I would have used for registration if I hadn't applied here half as many years ago and failed to remain active.

Definitely making the attempt this time though :P