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Started by miester, March 23, 2012, 02:14:59 AM

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I am not gay whatsoever. I LOVE women! They turn me on.

But recently, I've been gettin turned on by women with, um, members...

Trannies don't it for me.  If they even resemble a guy EVEN IN THE SLIGHTEST, it's not hot.  But Shemales and some futanari I find really hot.

Anybody the same way? And does this make me gay??  :blushing:


I would not classify futanari - those beings with feminine features, breasts, penis (possibly testicles) and a vagina - as being strictly shemales (which I considering to be those beings with feminine features, breasts, penis, testicles and no vaginas), but I as much as anyone do enjoy the latter and I don't think it particularly makes anyone more or less gay.

Gay is just a label that ignorant people slap on those who are different than they themselves are, no different than bullies calling glasses-wearing people nerds or insulting fat people for... well, being fat.  You should never be worried about being labeled one way or another.
Welp... I'm fucked...


Ya'rly. I like shemales too ^^ (Although that term is actually a bit dispregiative, much like 'tranny')
I don't mind futanari either.
The point is: if you like them because they look feminine, there should be no worry about homosexuality.