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Global Moderator position open

Started by FallenStar, December 08, 2011, 12:23:31 PM

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I don't know if the site really needs one, given that Serika and Taiki do such a good job, but I would really like to have a second Global Moderator to go along with JackO, so... at this time, I would like to offer a Modship position to anyone who thinks they have the skills, experience, and temperament to follow orders, ask little questions and just basically be a hired gun of sorts.  :lol:

So this topic will be used for those willing and interested in applying for the position. Please try to post your "credentials" and your reasons for seeking this position and I will scan them and choose the one I feel would work best for the site.

FallenStar - Admin
Welp... I'm fucked...


No one seems interested in being a mod... <_<    >_>

I would apply but I think star forbids it for some reason...

Must think I'm insane and crazy... hm... I guess it's not far from the truth...  :gunsmilie:

*maniacal laugh*



Why the HELL do you think I'd be against you as a mod? Sure, you're wild and all... but isn't that part of your charm? :P

Also, why the hell haven't you done your line in the Galaxy Ranger RP yet? :|

Welp... I'm fucked...


Um.... good question <_<   >_>  Suppose I should stop slacking and post it huh  :S

I'll post it within the next 12-24 hours... I may be awake but I'm too tired to think right now...


Scoozums hereby applies for teh modshipz!

-Mature adult, capable of making unbiased decisions.
-Relatively Active in the forums albeit not in every section but that can easily change with modship (I tend to be somewhat more active when I have a role above just being a member)
-Volunteered as a forum moderator for one of Lazarus Software's browser based games during it's Beta testing phase.