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How Far Does Your Fetish Go

Started by phil, October 22, 2011, 10:06:47 PM

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We're all members of this site because we all share rather different fetishes. So I thought I'd ask how deep does your select fetish go. I for example am attracted to light scat, urination, desperation, accidents, farting and toilet pics. I stay well away from consumption or smearing........*shudder*. The thing is though, I usually only find it arousing if it is portrayed through anime or western art style. There are a few exceptions though, I'm happy to look at pics or videos of women on the toilet as long as I don't see anything actually coming out. I checked out some EFRO style videos but I just thought they were kinda gross, yet I see a picture of Hinata squeezing out a thick log and I think it's great, What's wrong with me???? :S :S

So does anyone have similar preferences to me? Why do I have this separation between what is essentially the same subject?  How do you like your fetish?

Clem Trilling

In art, much is left to the imagination, so your own ideals can stand in place of the off-putting details of live action. This problem also vexes erotica producers.

I would explain it in terms of my new general theory of fetishes, that the fetish "magic" is a kind of neurotic imprint that stands in the place of romantic love, which is ultimately sought out by the sex drive, but is not a perversion of gender orientation or sexual response per se.  So you have all THAT diversity, and then ADDITIONALLY, the requirement to hit a sufficient number of fetish elements, which are very individual, AND provide enough sociological matching that one can imagine falling in love.

Tattoos are my pet peeve: that is just not cool on women in white-bread, rural New England.  And depictions of non-adults, bane of this particular site.


I'm into fairly vanilla omorashi.  Watching girls hold, watching girls hold and then lose control, hearing girls talk about having to go, watching girls drink, seeing girls squat (without seeing genitalia), and occasionally (not often!) waking up next to a girl who has wet the bed are all nice in my opinion, while (in no particular order) scat, naked peeing, wetting without holding, sex, diapers, futa, guro, loli, spanking and usage of cacti for masturbation are all a little too hard core for me.

In terms of stories, I like good writing;  anyone can say that a girl needs to pee, but it takes some skill to make it sound new, even just within one story.  Bad stories are, if anything, almost always a turn off.  I usually prefer stories (both written and spoken) above videos, with pictures somewhere in between:  however, it all depends on how stimulated my fantasy is.
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My fetish goes as far as the sites and my battery life/internet connection allows me