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Favorite Personality in a Girl

Started by turtlbrdr, December 14, 2011, 03:15:50 PM

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As some of you may know, I'm developing a game called Car Trip (which you can follow over in the Female Desperation wing of the site).

One of things I want to include in the game is a number of personalities, hence the purpose of this post.

I'm kinda requesting the personality you like in a girl most of the time, not just the ones you'd like to see desperate/peeing themselves. However, if you'd take the time to mention those girls in a post below, I'd be grateful.

Also, don't be afraid if you have a suggest to add to the list.


Great to hear of some more progress! :clap:
I guess the "Innocent" type can lead to some really weird and fun conversation. Looking forward to it ;-) There are a lot of good options though.


Faust personally would be fond of Yanderes and Tsunderes. ^^ He's glad to see that you're making more progress, and looks
forward to your version. ^^

Shy girls are good too, but Yandere and Tsundere the most.


Faust likes to get beat up a lot, I take it? :P

FallenStar prefers a personality type that is shy, innocent, and tender, but curious and easily seduced.   :lol:
Welp... I'm fucked...


I've never thought of that.

I don't like overly-submissive girls.  I don't like dominatrixes.

I prefer a give-give relationship to a give-take.
Autism is a difference

Autism is NOT a disability.