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Female Ejaculation

Started by dude09, November 05, 2007, 02:28:19 PM

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We should have a female ejaculation, either pics or like a web site sharing. We do have an female ejaculation discuss but what about all of us guys/girls who like that.


If you can find enough anime pics of said fetish, lemme know and I'll put up a poll to decide if we should have a gallery for that.

Mmm, let's say about 10 pics of it should do.  =)




The only thing I don't personally want to see is a male organ in them...  but if others like them, I must bow to the wishes of the majority of people.    :lol:



Quote from: dude09 on November 11, 2007, 05:52:17 PM
Thats good because i dont like penises in any pics so here comes the other Q. can it be young(lolicon) or furries and i got regular ones to

As long as it's a girl and as long as she's squirting, it's all good.



You have proof, then, of more than 10 (or at least 10) such pics?  If you do, go ahead and start a thread under the Female Ejaculation board. You can upload them there by using the "Additional  Options" at the bottom.  Once I see that you have a bunch, I'll make a new subsection in the Image Gallery for them.

Censored or  uncensored doesn't make much of a difference, but I personally would like uncensored, myself.

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